5% Residual Request for Strategic Solutions Incentive

Please complete the form below to receive the additional 5% residual for eligible upsell/conversions tied to our incentive. Form submission is not required for qualifying new logo or new location orders. See full Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

*Sign dates after the 20th of the month will be counted in the following month.

Earn an additional 5% residual commission on strategic solutions monthly billed revenue (MBR) sold between April 1, 2019 and December 31, 2023. To qualify, all sales must be customer signed and submitted on/before COB December 31, 2023. All qualifying sales must include one or more strategic solutions on a 24-month term or longer. The 5% residual incentive will apply to qualifying strategic solutions MBR.

Strategic solutions are; Avaya UC, Cloud Connect, DDoS, OfficeSuite UC®, SASE, SSE and SD-WAN.

The additional 5% residual incentive will apply to qualifying strategic solutions MBR and is in addition to the residual amount based on the new commission structure rolled out in April 2019. The residual incentive percentage will remain in effect under the same terms and conditions in partner’s agreement.

The 5% residual incentive can be used in conjunction with SPIFF offers and with Customer Free Month Loyalty offers.

All qualifying sales must be new logo, new location, upsell or conversion with a deal size of at least $500 and include at least one eligible strategic solution. Residual incentive will be applied to eligible strategic solutions MBR only.

Partner must be actively involved (initiated, influenced or closed) in strategic solutions upsells and/or conversions to be eligible for additional residual incentive. The additional residual incentive will be processed with your standard monthly commission run except for qualifying upsell/conversion deals. These deals require the above form to be submitted by the partner, whereby, they will be processed in the next qualifying commission run.

The following solutions and charges are exempt from any residual incentive payment: All underlying transport products (except as specified under strategic solutions), ASF or other taxes/surcharges/fees, CPE NRC, NRC’s and other Third-Party/Tertiary Services.

Disputes: Partner must provide notice of dispute within 90 days of payment. Windstream Enterprise reserves the right to reclaim any residual incentive payments if qualifying criteria are not met or if termination of services occurs. Partner must provide notice of any missing residual incentive payments in writing 90 days after the residual incentive payment should have initiated.

Windstream Enterprise reserves the right to change, modify or cancel promotions at any time.

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