Contract Vehicles

The best IT solutions elevate and empower the mission of your organization, and Windstream Enterprise knows securing them shouldn’t be a time- and resource-draining endeavor. We have partnered with contracting vehicles such as GSA, MiCTA and TIPS, enabling you to buy Windstream Enterprise’s industry-leading IT services on your timeline, with the confidence of competitive pre-negotiated pricing.

  • Open to government and eligible non-profit entities, including K-12 and E-Rate participants

  • Optimizes time, professional and financial resources

  • Offers competitive, pre-negotiated costs

  • Ensures compliance with regulatory and procurement requirements

  • Provides purchasing flexibility


As both a GSA contract holder and a registered vendor in the SAM, Windstream Enterprise is pre-approved and certified to provide IT technology including voice, data, network and cloud solutions to any government entity. We understand the scope of government IT technology priorities, challenges and concerns and provide security, redundancy and scale in cost-efficient network technology, applications and services, ensuring reliable connectivity.


As an approved vendor for network and communications solutions, Windstream Enterprise can provide MiCTA members with a streamlined approach to the acquisition of network and communications solutions by identifying their requirements and negotiating single-source contracts for integrated network security, access and business continuity solutions.


Leverage Windstream Enterprise’s suite of UC and CCaaS products through The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) contract. Access to the contract is free for eligible education and government entities that join TIPS, and Windstream Enterprise’s contract ensures that co-op members, many of which face serious budget constraints, can procure network and communications solutions with the confidence that they’re getting the best price and support from a highly-experienced solution provider.


Windstream Enterprise now provides a US Educational Technology Purchasing Alliance (USETPA) contract for internet, broadband and telecommunications services. USETPA leverages the purchasing power of schools, libraries and public entities nationwide to secure the lowest prices available for its members using a “reverse auction” process. This process allows users to request proposals from USETPA-approved vendors, negotiate and select the proposal that offers the best value without the constraints of the formal RFP process.