Retail Cloud Point of Sale (POS)

Improve productivity, increase efficiency and deliver a winning customer experience

Built for success

Cloud-based applications are changing the way customers buy goods and services, resulting in increased demand for bandwidth. Consumer businesses are reaching a tipping point where legacy point solutions can no longer support customer and operational demands.


Whether you run a chain of boutique shops or a national franchise, Retail Cloud POS from Windstream Enterprise delivers the tools you need to move faster, modernize operations and enhance your customer experience while creating efficiencies and lowering costs for your business.


Simple setup

Save time and reduce paperwork, allowing managers to get out of the back office and interact with customers


Intuitive design

Get new employees up to speed faster, saving costs and improving staff retention


Actionable insights

Analyze sales, employee and inventory data to make better decisions for your stores


24/7 customer support

Our U.S.-based customer care team ensures your business stays up and running

The Windstream Enterprise Advantage



Windstream Enterprise has extensive industry experience in helping multi-location retailers connect, transform and elevate their businesses.



We take the time to understand your unique goals and pain points to help solve today’s complex IT and networking challenges.



From SD-WAN to UCaaS, Managed Network Security to Cloud Connect, we offer leading solutions to support your digital transformation.

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