Spicing Up Our Chili: Newly Enhanced Online Community Furthers Customer Connectivity and Support

June 11th, 2018 by

Windstream Enterprise and Wholesale President, Layne Levine, often tells our team, we need to “eat our own chili.” It’s common to hear businesses talk about providing services and tools for customers that will elevate their customer experience. However, to Windstream Enterprise, eating our own chili means taking the steps necessary to facilitate the customer satisfaction and growth we speak about. An essential ingredient to this recipe for success is the development and now enhancement of our online community.

Turning up the heat

Just as our organization continues to evolve, so will our methods for which we serve our customers. Our online customer community plays a pivotal role in our commitment to connect, transform and elevate our customers through the latest technology means available. WE are big proponents of practice what you preach!

To that note, WE are proud to announce our newly enhanced customer community has been launched.  This online, interactive platform, encompasses a fresh new look and provides a more user-friendly experience for our customers, in an environment that is designed to grow as WE grow, including adding additional product offerings to provide a more holistic support experience.

One of the biggest enhancements is the launch and integration of our new SD-WAN community. When navigating to the new community site, our customers will now be welcomed by a landing page that provides access to both the OfficeSuite UC® community, our first product supported, and our newly added SD-WAN community.

Classic ingredients with a new flare

Our new online community includes classic elements from our old site, with a mix of some new capabilities. Helpful tools, such as product announcements, release notes and answers to your most FAQ’s remain.  In addition to content from the previous community that is still relevant. The new format also includes features that are designed to better discover our members preferences and employs a more efficient method for disseminating requests so you can get answers when you need them.

Some additional new and exciting enhancements include the ability to create sub-communities which will be instrumental in product testing, as well as a new vehicle for submitting ideas called an ideation queue that will help sort your ideas/wish list items and allow other members to share their support for those ideas. The new platform also includes rewards for member participation. Those who provide advice, support, instructions, whose ideas get implemented, and those who enhance the online community experience for other members, will be rewarded for their contributions. In other words, being active has its perks.

An appetite for change

As we commit to guide you through your digital transformation journey, we ourselves will continuously pave the way by example. The goal of our online community is to provide customers with instant access to a wealth of valuable information so you can get the most out of your services. Additionally, this open environment fosters direct collaboration between our customers, support, repair and product teams to ensure we are continuously improving and providing the best possible solutions to our customers.

I would advise everyone to visit and bookmark our new online community page. And, if you haven’t already, become a member, read, post and consume the information that is available, it might just inspire you to create a similar forum to support your customers.

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