Selecting the Right Master Agency for You

August 21st, 2018 by

Picking a master agency is like liking out an outfit.

Just like when you pick out an outfit to wear or pick a tie to go with your suit for an interview, there are lots of options and many factors that go into the selection process. You think about solid colors vs. patterns, with or without a jacket, brown or black shoes. The same methodology applies when selecting which master agency to work with, there are many options and variables to consider.

Master agencies are headquartered throughout the country, providing you with the option to partner with the best of the best, tech-forward companies in the United States.  Masters can help guide your business plan, develop your company goals, and be the mentor you and your company need to navigate the telecom/cloud/technology industry.

Question is, where do you start when selecting the right one for you and your business?

Here’s some criteria and questions to ask yourself (and the master agency) when reviewing what they have to offer you:

Partner enablement

  • What tools do you currently use or wish you had in order to effectively go to market?
  • Do you need to quickly find carrier information, collateral and sales data?
  • Some masters are heavily investing in back office tools to give partners access to data at their fingertips- ask for a demo of this.
  • Is having access to resources such as – account management or solution engineering and SME’s (Subject matter experts) – important to your success strategy?  Ask the same questions when considering carriers to work with.

Growth opportunities

  • Does the master invest in future growth? (Some funds are set aside to apply to startup companies, marketing costs, brand awareness and more).
  • Do you have access to sales leadership and development management teams? What does access look like to vendor sales leadership?
  • Ask about what’s next in their chapter- investments in technology? Investments in partnership?

Marketing guidance

  • Most masters have a marketing team that can help champion your marketing goals, don’t forget to lean on them for guidance.
  • Ask if they have funding available to launch a marketing campaign. Some masters or carriers offer financial assistance given a solid business plan and ROI – will that impact your commissions?

Commission structure

  • Money talks. Masters set up their commission structures differently, be sure you understand what each one is offering (including SPIFF pass-thru rates).
  • What incentives are on the table- President’s Club trips? Quarterly bonus targets?

Partner experience

  • Relationships matter. Make sure you meet with masters face to face to establish a connection.  Ensure they have your goals in mind and have a plan to deliver.

Take a look around and see what options make the most sense for you.  Prioritize from the above list, as some masters excel in one area over another. Don’t be afraid to interview several masters (and carriers) and ask the hard questions. This partnership takes two (or more) to tango, be sure it has your best interest in mind.


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