Customer Care

Using your network to enable a standout customer experience can differentiate your business in a fiercely competitive market.
2020 NRF recap: The continuing evolution of retail
Every January, the National Retail Federation (NRF) holds its Big Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York. It’s 4 days’ worth of collaboration and idea sharing for retailers, industry thought leaders and technology...
Creating Frictionless Patient Experiences
Healthcare providers have understandably been focused on providing quality care, improving outcomes and reducing the cost of care. With all these key priorities, why spend the additional time and effort focusing on creating a frictionless...
Reimagine Your Network
Savvy retailers are turning “brick-and-mortar” stores into a competitive advantage, blending digital technology with traditional merchandising. From enabling personalized item recommendations using tracked buying preferences to streamlining purchases with mobile check-out, digital technology increasingly delivers...
What is Unified Communications?
“Unified communications” (UC) brings together disparate business communication applications – voice, chat, email, text messaging, fax, audio and video conferencing, collaboration tools, presence and more—across desktop and mobile devices to simplify and streamline user interactions....
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