A Smooth Path to a Massive Cloud Migration

by Kelly Crosby
November 28, 2018

Players in highly competitive industries face constant pressure to increase operating efficiency and grow sales. Of course, the best way to plan for and make these decisions is through data. Beverage producers in particular, use massive amounts of data. Production data, packaging data, distribution process data, marketing data and data that needs to be transported, aggregated and analyzed, driving bandwidth demand. In the packaged beverage industry, top-performing networks and applications are a key competitive tool in the face of ever-shifting consumer preferences and buying patterns.

When one of the world’s best-known beer brands sought to address this need by migrating its mainframe and hundreds of applications from its data center to the cloud – requiring uninterrupted access during the process – it faced two daunting challenges.

A smooth cloud migration for a beverage producer

The first challenge was that roughly 80% of the brewer’s critical applications were stored in its data center. This included many homegrown legacy applications that had to be fully operational during migration and beyond.

The second challenge was that a successful migration would require the company’s WAN to perform like a LAN, yet its existing MPLS and broadband connections weren’t up to the task. Gaining performance advantages through the use of its CSP’s cloud platforms for key business applications would require a higher degree of network access, reliability, bandwidth, stability, and economy.

A single-vendor solution to two cloud migration challenges

Careful planning revealed that the optimum solution for this large-scale cloud migration would require a unique approach to transport. Rather than going with a common MPLS VPN, the solution would rely on dual Windstream Enterprise Wavelength Services and Cloud Connect links, which uniquely met the brewer’s needs for LAN speed across the WAN.

This solution delivers low transport latency in a cloud environment with speed and performance comparable to premises-based network infrastructure, made possible by replacing lower bandwidth MPLS with high-capacity Wavelength Services. This approach also made the migration process relatively straightforward, with the solution fully implemented in just 19 days.

Today, a private optical network featuring diverse 10 Gbps Wavelength Services and Cloud Connect links the brewer’s headquarters with its CSP over a Windstream Enterprise interconnection route. In addition to meeting current needs much better than the solutions it replaced, the new infrastructure supports plans for expanding CSP hosting of new systems and applications, with a nimble network that can adapt to future network performance requirements.

Solving your own cloud migration challenges

Every large-scale cloud migration poses unique connectivity challenges –  many of them solvable with solutions that deliver optical performance, flexibility, and security. If you’re facing challenges in your own cloud migration, learn more about how Windstream Enterprise can help. WE will listen and tailor a solution from our broad portfolio of network and connectivity services which include Wavelength and Cloud Connect.