Health IT Week Spotlight: Technology that drives the patient experience

by Molly True
October 04, 2017

As we approach the start of Health IT Week, I find myself asking a lot of questions. Like, has anyone had a confusing, complicated healthcare issue where they needed multiple doctors involved in their care? I have this unnamed auto-immune disorder which causes eye inflammation. I’m often confused about it and can’t pronounce some of the things I’ve been tested for. Sometimes I have trouble explaining to other practitioners, like my primary care doctor, what their peers told me about my health. While I don’t think I have white coat syndrome, my mind seems to go blank with all the questions I need to ask my doctor when I see them. Finally, just to complicate my own patient experience more, I have doctors in two different health systems. Before they both got on the same electronic health records/EHR system, I had to use a complicated process to get records faxed from one system to the other. Despite having to do this several times, I never knew if the records ever got to the doctor that needed them.

Health IT is all about the patient experience

You know what I love? I love health IT because now that records are shared between my two health systems, it’s made the process of communicating with my doctors not only easy but helps take my care forward. And if you haven’t tried secure messaging your doctor through an online portal, you definitely should. I have great doctors, but I don’t always have time to hold for a nurse to carry a question to them. Through a portal I can write out my questions and they can reply to help clear up my confusion. I don’t think my doctors get paid for answering those questions, but it definitely saves me from having to come in for an appointments just to get a question answered. This shows that patient experience does really matter. I love my doctors more when they make it easier for me.

Health IT Week

Windstream is proud to be a Health IT Week corporate sponsor, October 2-6, 2017.

I love Healthcare IT because the other day through a combination of sharing records between my doctors and having access to a secure messaging portal, I finally understood which medication I was taking was addressing my eye inflammation and which was addressing other symptoms. I don’t think this would have happened before this technology was available. I just knew I should take this white pill twice a day. Health Information Exchange needs to be available nationwide and available no matter the EHR vendor.

The network that drives the experience

As the computing world continues moving to the cloud, it is essential to mention the critical role of the network in making any such solution perform in a way that makes everyone pleased with the experience. A transformative patient experience is only as good as the technology behind it, and a highly secure, reliable and fast network can provide the connectivity required to power portals and health information exchanges and deliver them to where clinicians and patients access them. For anyone at any event during this Health IT Week, please keep this in mind and reach out to us if you’d like to discuss. We’re proud to be a Health IT Week corporate sponsor for 2017 and would welcome an opportunity to learn about your organization’s goals and discuss ways to take the patient experience forward as we look towards 2018.