Hotel IT: Hoteliers Must focus on GXaaS (Guest Experience as a Service)

by Donald Jensen
May 29, 2018

To most hotel professionals, operators, and brands, the guest experience is everything. It is the item that is most discussed, measured, shared, and evaluated as the lodging companies compete for their share of the travelling consumer’s dollar. Hotel, time-share, and resort companies strive every day to raise the bar of their staying experiences to create that unexpected delight in their guest’s eyes. The great memory of that experience, while elusive, is the target for most in the business. The focus of all in hospitality should be elevating and transforming the guest experience.

Elevating your brand with improved service loyalties

More specifically at the brand level, the promise of consistent and excellent service creates loyalties at the brand level. There is comfort in the sameness and knowing what to expect when you step into a branded hotel property. Travelers rely on this and reciprocate by participating in brand loyalty programs and the like.

Improve booking experience

An often-overlooked aspect of the guest experience is the entire booking process. Frequent travelers are looking for quickness and convenience, event shoppers may be looking for price or location. Hoteliers who have mastered delivering a reservation with the right mix of guest demographics and personal attention can win favorable attention with the guest before they ever set foot in the lobby.

Improving the guest experience with the Power of One

Windstream Enterprise’s compelling Power of One program aligns very tightly with transforming the overall guest experience. Quite simply, The Power of One is defined as our suite of vertically aligned and cloud-based network solutions that can assist the Hotelier across the entire spectrum of the guest experience, essentially what we term as GXaaS (Guest Experience as a Service). The Power of One simplifies the guess work of elevating the guest experience by providing the network infrastructure and tools to assist in reaching for that 5 star level of guest satisfaction. Here are some examples which can be bundled through the Power of One or obtained separately.

  • SD -WAN – As you move your business to the cloud, the network becomes the critical link. Windstream Enterprise’s SD-WAN provides that level of highly reliable and diverse connectivity to make your path to the cloud more secure, highly available, and with bandwidth to spare.
  • Hospitality’s Virtual PBX – This is your cloud-based answer to the conundrum of what to do with aging PBX equipment in an existing property, or a fantastic converged application for a new build property. This purpose-built hospitality voice system is a complete, highly flexible system to process and all voice traffic originating from the property. Shift management and performance of the phone system to the cloud.
  • Industry Leading Wi-Fi – Windstream Enterprise’s fast-growing HSIA and converged network solutions practice is adding properties daily. Our experienced sales engineering, service delivery, and support teams build and support guest-pleasing networks, in what is fast becoming known as the 4th Utility in a Hotel.
  • Contact Center Practice – The guest experience doesn’t begin at arrival. It begins when they get on the phone and call for reservations or speak to someone about their accommodations. Windstream Enterprise’s stable of premise-based and cloud solutions for Contact Center, along with an entire team focused on optimizing this critical first guest interaction, can help you to set the stage for a great, REVPAR-enhancing guest visit.


In a hotel, many times the secret to the guest experience are the details of the service delivery. There is “devil” in the details, but there is also excellence. WE urge you to stop by our HITEC booth 1427 and talk to us about your specific challenges. You will quickly find that our team of hospitality ninjas will establish themselves as partners to focus on your most pressing needs to really elevate and transform not only your guest or staff experience, but your entire network platform, whether at a property, sales office, or corporate office location.