A Commitment to Customer Experience: Making it Easier to Do Business with Us

by Layne Levine
February 14, 2019

When I joined Windstream Enterprise, the company was on a transformative journey, in every respect of the word—encompassing investments in our systems, products/solutions, processes, people and our brand—with the central objective of embodying a culture focused on our customers.

This commitment to radically change how we approach the customer experience came with the mandate to be a true partner for our customers—open and collaborative, agile and qualified to help them solve their most complex business challenges.

As a B2B technology services provider, our offers are designed to improve the way businesses serve their customers, which provides us with a unique perspective. The attributes we value so highly and strive to embody: responsiveness, agility and innovation, are the very traits we embed into our solutions to help our customers deliver the best experience possible to their own users and customers.

Windstream Enterprise is committed to helping our customers execute their digital transformation roadmaps as they adapt their business to perform, compete and succeed in a rapidly evolving market. To do this, we’re investing in the best digital experiences for our customers.

Windstream Enterprise is investing in the best digital experiences for our customers

Empowering our customers

We live in a digital world. How customers engage with our company and solutions online is critical to their overall experience. Windstream Enterprise offers a variety of connectivity, communications and security services. Our goal was to unify all our best‑in‑class services into one integrated digital experience for our customers—the proverbial ‘single pane of glass’ customer experience. I am proud to say we’ve achieved just that with our revolutionary customer portal, WE Connect.

WE Connect delivers personalized experiences that align to how our customers think and operate, offering immediate access to relevant and targeted information about all their services where they want it, how they want it, and when they want it. We placed great emphasis on including self-care, visibility, reporting and control functions to empower our customers with the freedom to manage and customize their business‑critical services to their unique needs and preferences.

This empowerment transcends to other ways in which we are committed to supporting our customers in a digital world. We continue to be focused on enhancing and expanding our digital support channels like our online community, online chat capabilities and recently launched storm center program, to ensure our customers have instant and convenient access to the information and support they need to operate their businesses.

Commitment to improvement

Another “secret” feature of our WE Connect portal are advanced user analytics that continuously improve our customers’ experience by giving our DevOps team insights as to how customers engage and where the experience is lacking, Of course, the best insights come directly from our customers themselves. Customer feedback is the foundation of everything we do. We survey our customers regularly seeking feedback on installation, repair and support, to further optimize our processes. We have instituted a Customer Experience Action Board comprised of VP-level executives that meets monthly to review our survey data. Our customers can be assured—we read every comment and take the feedback received very seriously— setting key initiatives based on how we can best address customer concerns.

While we remain committed to enhancing our customer experience at Windstream Enterprise, we have the pleasure of helping our customers do the same through their investments in next-gen technologies. We wholeheartedly view each customer as a partner and pledge to continue to invest in new ways that will make it even easier to do with business with us. Stay tuned for more exciting enhancements to come.