August 14, 2020 | Layne Levine

A Commitment to Customer Experience: Connecting you no matter what

Few of us could have predicted the scale of social and economic disruption we are experiencing in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. What has become clear is that network connectivity is now a necessity akin to electricity: we can’t do our jobs, or live our lives, without it.

As a critical infrastructure provider to governments, hospitals and wireless carriers, as well as a broadband services provider to consumers and small businesses in rural areas, Windstream stands ready to meet the increased demand.

While times have changed, our mandate remains the same: to be a true partner for our customers that is open, collaborative, agile, and qualified to help them solve their most complex business challenges. And this year has dealt many of us the most complex business challenges of all.

The attributes we value so highly and strive to embody—responsiveness, agility and innovation—are the traits we embed into our solutions to help our customers deliver the best experience possible to their own users and customers.

We are committed to helping our customers execute their digital transformation roadmaps as they adapt their businesses to perform, compete and succeed in unusual circumstances. The investments we made prior to 2020—in our systems, products, solutions, processes and people—have allowed us to keep our customers connected and thriving.

Windstream Enterprise is investing in the best digital experiences for our customers

Connecting people, empowering business

In response to recent events, Windstream created a specialized team to accelerate the delivery of critical services, and install additional network capacity to businesses and wholesale customers experiencing sudden spikes in demand.

Our services are delivered over highly available platforms including our proprietary Cloud Core architecture, a nationwide voice and IP network, and on a local and long-haul fiber network spanning approximately 150,000 miles. Given our prior network upgrades, the network and service demands stemming from the “at home” movement fell well within our network tolerances.

Additionally, Windstream offers a variety of internet service plans for new and existing customers with no data caps and no overage charges. Discounts also are available for low-income customers through the Lifeline Assistance Program.

Secure, feature-rich remote working

With more employees working from home and students moving to online education, a robust and easy-to-use remote work solution has become the must-have digital application for millions of Americans. OfficeSuite UC® and OfficeSuite HD Meeting® from Windstream Enterprise have been instrumental in keeping businesses, schools, healthcare systems and other organizations working. OfficeSuite delivers 100% cloud-based phone, mobility and unified communications in a scalable, easy-to-use solution, while HD Meeting lets employees and students easily connect and collaborate face-to-face with anyone, anywhere in a secure environment.

Empowering our customers

How customers engage with our company and solutions online is critical to their overall experience. Windstream Enterprise offers a variety of connectivity, communications and security services. Our goal was to unify all our best‑in‑class services into one integrated digital experience for our customers—the proverbial “single pane of glass” customer experience. WE Connect, our revolutionary customer portal, delivers. Available in both a browser and mobile app, the WE Connect experience is ready to serve wherever and whenever it is needed.

WE Connect offers personalized experiences that align with how our customers think and operate, providing immediate access to relevant and targeted information about all their services where, how and when they want it. We placed great emphasis on visibility, reporting and control functions to empower customers with the freedom to manage and customize their business‑critical services to their unique needs and preferences—along with a powerful Insights Engine that highlights the most important information or actions front and center in a customer’s view.

This empowerment transcends to other ways in which we are committed to supporting our customers in a digital world. We continue to focus on enhancing and expanding our digital support channels like our online community, online chat capabilities and recently launched storm center program, to ensure our customers have instant and convenient access to the information and support they need to operate their businesses.

Commitment to improvement

Our WE Connect experience is enhanced through the use of anonymized user analytics to continuously improve our customers’ experience by giving our product and development team insights on how customers engage and where their experience may be lacking. Of course, the best insights come directly from our customers themselves. Customer feedback is the foundation of everything we do. We survey our customers regularly, seeking feedback on installation, repair and support to further optimize our processes. We have instituted a Customer Experience Action Board comprised of VP-level executives that meets monthly to review our survey data. Our customers can be assured—we read every comment and take the feedback we receive very seriously—setting key initiatives based on how we can best address customer concerns.

Keep on thriving on

While we remain committed to enhancing our customer experience at Windstream Enterprise, we have the pleasure of helping our customers do the same through their investments in next-gen technologies. We wholeheartedly view each customer as a partner and pledge to continue to invest in new ways that will make it even easier to do business with us. And we will keep growing and fortifying our network and service offerings, so our customers stay connected, no matter what. We will thrive on together.

President of Enterprise

Layne Levine

Layne is responsible for sales, financial performance, marketing for the company’s enterprise, mid-market, and commercial markets. He also oversees the company’s Channel Program.