July 23, 2019 | Layne Levine

SD-WAN: More Choices to Optimize Your Experience

Summary: Windstream Enterprise just added the Fortinet platform to our expanding SD-WAN portfolio for a new layer of security.

The arrival of summer brings road trips—past or potential—to mind. If you’re planning to haul the entire family to the beach, you’re likely testing the limits of a minivan or SUV on expressways. If you’re planning a relaxing getaway to the same destination, you may be meandering on scenic byways with the top down in a classic roadster. Either way, choice means everything when it comes to the experience you seek for yourself and others. The same is true in the technology world—you always want choices to optimize your experience.


Road-tested and ready

SD-WAN is a proven winner when it comes to customer choice, and we’re excited to announce that Windstream Enterprise now offers more options in our award-winning portfolio of SD-WAN solutions. With a focus on design and function, we’ve just added the Fortinet platform to our expanding SD-WAN portfolio, adding a new layer of security from one of the industry leaders in threat management. In an ever more cloud‑connected world, the reliability, performance and flexibility of your network needs to be matched by exceptional security. Without security, you’re like a reckless driver who is so bent on “making great time” that you increase the risk of your journey becoming an accident waiting to happen.

Not all roads are the same

Like our nation’s network of roadways, the true value of our nation-wide high-speed, fiber optic network lies not in and of itself but, rather, in all that it can enable. Our introduction of Fortinet enables us to be more “agnostic” about vendors and platforms that support our offers—further ensuring we collaborate with you to determine what options best meet your needs, now and well into the future. To complement the inherent security of our WAN solutions, we’ve also recently introduced managed security solutions for the LAN environment. With intelligent software tied to wireless access points and cameras, supported by secure switches, you can gain the knowledge necessary to both protect your environment and improve experiences for users of all types. In this hyper-competitive world, ultimately customer experience (CX) that defines differentiation across industries of all types. Whether you’re in retail, banking, healthcare, or any other market, imagine leveraging technology to instantly recognize and engage your customers (and employees) in a highly-personalized CX—before they even walk into the physical or online ‘door.’

Count on a trusted advisor

Just as there are many choices for solutions, there are many choices when it comes to selecting which provider to work with. At the end of 2018, Windstream Enterprise was named to the top-half of the Vertical Systems Group Leaderboard for all U.S. Carriers who provide Managed SD-WAN Services. It was an honor for us be recognized for having so many satisfied SD-WAN customers across diverse vertical markets. That recognition came before we announced the launch of WE Connect—a “mobile first” portal that provides customers with a level of visibility and manageability via a “single pane of glass” that is simply unmatched. Other recent SD-WAN awards include:

  • 2019 and 2018 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award for SD-WAN
  • 2018 INTERNET TELEPHONY SD‑WAN Implementation Award
  • 2018 TMC Leadership Award for SD-WAN
  • 2017 INTERNET TELEPHONY Excellence Award for SD-WAN

While these external points of validation are appreciated, more important is that they  inspire confidence when it comes time to consider a new provider for your SD-WAN and complementary solutions. Based on a successful history of collaboration with our existing customers, I am confident that once given the chance, Windstream Enterprise will continuously re-earn your trust throughout the lifetime of our relationship.

Key takeaway: In this hyper-competitive world, it is ultimately customer experience (CX) that defines differentiation across industries of all types.
President of Enterprise

Layne Levine

Layne is responsible for sales, financial performance, marketing for the company’s enterprise, mid-market, and commercial markets. He also oversees the company’s Channel Program.