Mitigating DDoS Threats on Your Own Terms

by Trent Pham
December 06, 2018

Insurance is that product we all buy but hope we never use. Of course, paying for something you don’t use can create a dilemma.

Let’s say your company offers an optional dental plan. By opting-out, you would assume risk that the insurance company would otherwise incur. If you’ve never personally had to pay a significant dental bill, it’s tempting to skip the monthly premium. When you suddenly develop a serious toothache, you’re glad you have insurance.

The decision to purchase a DDoS (distributed denial of service) mitigation service is similar. If you’ve never been attacked, it’s tempting to go without protection and risk it. DDoS attacks cause 22% of all network outages costing businesses $500 per minute. If you’re attacked without a mitigation service in place, your only recourse is to purchase emergency DDoS mitigation available from a few providers and wait. You pay a higher premium, and while they do their best to get you set-up quickly, you may be down for hours –or days.

Mitigating DDoS threats and protecting against DDoS attacks with Windstream Enterprise DDoS Assurance

What if you could buy the equivalent of a catastrophic coverage insurance plan? You know, low premiums that cover you for the nasty stuff. That’s the spirit in which Windstream Enterprise created DDoS Assurance.

New DDoS Assurance plan: Protection without the high monthly fee

The new Windstream Enterprise DDoS Assurance plan offers the same continuous monitoring and protection as our standard DDoS Mitigation service, at 1/10th the subscription fee.

That lower fee completely covers one mitigation per month. Subsequent attacks are still mitigated, with overage charges automatically applied to your service bill. You’ll know soon whether it makes better sense to go with DDoS Assurance or our standard DDoS Mitigation service – and regardless, you’re protected from network outages and business costs that would otherwise result.

Either way: DDoS protection is a must for any business Internet connection

The only line of defense against DDoS attacks is 24/7 monitoring and rapid mitigation to keep your Internet connection from being overwhelmed. Now you can choose the level of financial investment/risk that best suits your business, while still benefiting from our industry-leading protection services. For more information, please visit the Windstream Enterprise DDoS Mitigation page.