TMC Product of the Year Award is Really a Win for Our Customers

by Tom Daniel
August 14, 2018

It’s always an honor to be recognized for our efforts to deliver best-in-class solutions, but our recent recognition for Unified Communications Product of the Year from TMC for our XCaaS Avaya solution, really points to the advantages our customers gain from our close partnership with Avaya.

A little background – Windstream introduced its first Powered-by-Avaya XCaaS solution in 2013. Since then, our partnership with Avaya has helped us improve the customer experience for a large and growing number of customer-facing enterprises. That’s what led to Avaya selecting Windstream as its 2016 “Cloud Partner of the Year.”

The Best is Yet to Come

Channeling Frank Sinatra, “The best is yet to come… you think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine.”

This was certainly the case. Our latest XCaaS Avaya solution adds Avaya Breeze and Oceana, netting us the Product of the Year award. Windstream Enterprise is the first U.S. XCaaS provider to incorporate Breeze and Oceana as part of its contact center services strategy to empower companies to migrate their premises-based systems to the cloud.

Why Breeze and Oceana? The Avaya Breeze development platform is a virtual toolbox of pre-programmed tools and snap-ins that can accommodate just about any business process. Avaya Oceana is built on Breeze, and is a remarkable omnichannel solution that:

  • Enables contact personalization
  • Captures historical and real-time customer interaction data
  • Integrates and manages traditional phone and digital channels
  • Pairs customers with the right agents and resources based on defined attributes

TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year 2018

By excelling at hosting it in the cloud, a wealth of additional benefits become available. Specifically, moving Avaya to the cloud replaces capital-intensive investments with a cost-effective, flexible and scalable “pay-as-you-grow” OPEX solution, and the ability to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies without incurring excessive CAPEX costs.

Equally important, because delivering a superior customer experience is more than just an 8-5 job, XCaaS Avaya must be “always on” and available to serve customers whenever they demand it. That is precisely what Windstream Enterprise delivers: state-of-the-art tools like Breeze and Oceana which help our customers deliver a more superior customer experience.

That comes from years of XCaaS experience on our part. WE view the TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year Award, not just as recognition for our creating an exceptionally performing Avaya solution, but the culmination of years of partnering with Avaya to deliver the best customer experience available, and Windstream Enterprise UCaaS customers are the direct beneficiaries.

Given our momentum, you can count on much more Windstream Enterprise excellence ahead. We are confident “the best is yet to come”.