Three Easy Ways to Provide a Best in Class CX with Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

by Tom Daniel
March 17, 2018

The customer experience is essential to an organization’s success (or even survival) today, but even a good CX may not be enough to set your business apart from the competition. Consumers today demand exceptional service, and businesses are definitely taking notice. According to a recent Dimension Data Benchmarking Report, 82% of companies surveyed recognize customer experience as a competitive differentiator, with 77% recognizing the customer experience as their most important strategic performance measure.

But just how can your business rise above the status quo and provide an experience so personalized and effective that your customers will not only prefer to continue working with you over your competitors, but will also refer their colleagues, family and friends?  One way is by implementing a seamless, cloud-based contact center as a service solution (CCaaS) and following these three methods to boosting the customer experience.

Make every customer interaction count — Omnichannel functionality

And I really do mean every interaction. Your customers don’t just interact with your business through your website or over the phone. In addition to contacting you by voice, they may also connect with you via SMS text, chat, or over social media.  As a result, you need to ensure you enable them with great, integrated experience across all channels.  In many cases, they may interact with you across more than one channel, so it’s critical that you are able to correlate those interactions and provide a seamless experience across every channel.  Contact center solutions that include multi-channel/omni-channel functionality can help you personalize every touch point and customer interaction to build the ultimate customer experience, tailored to their unique and evolving preferences and needs.

Gather better customer data to make better decisions

The customer journey is different for every business, and every customer, so don’t just take a standard “one-size fits all” approach. Make sure you’re gathering rich data across all channels to gain a complete picture of your customer journey so you can make more informed decisions. Look for a contact center solution with advanced features and reporting capabilities that help you capture big-data and leverage advanced technology (like artificial intelligence) to correlate and provide contextual awareness across all customer interactions.

Make it More than Easy – for Everyone

Optimize your internal processes while making it easier for your customers to get the right information from the right channels at just the right time. Look for a solution and a provider that can deliver advanced, yet intuitive tools that help you build custom integrations to connect internal and external processes, without the need for hiring outside vendors or developers.

And by making things easy for your agents, you empower them to be the best that they can be, boosting their confidence level and empowering them to achieve their own objectives. So you see, ease of use is win-win for everyone.

Make the CX/CCaaS customer connection

Creating the ultimate customer journey, tailored specifically to the needs of your customers, may sound like a daunting task but with the right cloud based contact center solution you can easily do just that.

Of course, the process of making it all work is a bit more complex than these three simple steps. But with the right partner, capable of delivering a complete solution including a high performance, reliable, secure network to bring it to you via the cloud, you’ll be closer than ever to setting your company and your people apart from the rest.