Dental services provider doubles bandwidth at 30% less cost

Community Dental Partners (CDP) offers dental practitioners the guidance, technology and resources needed to enhance their clinical skills and expand their businesses. But when legacy technology began holding CDP back from advancing its mission of revolutionizing the dental industry, the team turned to Windstream Enterprise for more than a standard checkup.

Industry: Dental services support
Customer: 550 employees at 28 practices across TX
Challenges: Frequent outages, limited bandwidth, disparate voice systems, inadequate customer support
Windstream Enterprise Solutions: SD-WAN Concierge™, Managed Network Security
Results: 2X bandwidth at 30% less cost, reduced network outages, improved customer experience

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Feeling the pain

CDP was experiencing first-hand the constraints of delivering on high-bandwidth demands using legacy technology. Their MPLS network’s fiber + broadband configuration was intended to provide redundancy, but when outages occurred and the primary circuit went down (which was regularly), the backup often wouldn’t kick in. That meant that reserved bandwidth sat idle while the entire organization came to a standstill. When the secondary circuit managed to engage, bandwidth slowed to a crawl, undermining the service experience anyway.

CDP’s UCaaS-based voice provider wasn’t delivering on their needs, either. Constant connection issues and no cohesion between systems and locations compromised billings and frustrated employees and customers alike.

Finally, customer support was a real sore spot. “The ticketing system was more like a ticketing wall,” says Chief Technology Officer Michael Irving. A lack of clear and open communication between systems and teams prevented service issues from being addressed quickly and effectively.

Taken together, the network and voice issues CDP was facing added up to lackluster customer service—directly opposing the brand’s promise of delivering amazing experiences for doctor-owners, their staff and their patients. 

“We were experiencing almost daily outages on our network and voice services. And that hurt our service.”

Michael Irving, Chief Technology Officer, Community Dental 

Drilling down to a solution

CDP needed an advocate, a partner who understood their business needs and would deploy leading-edge technology solutions that would give them an edge. Working closely with Michael and his team, Windstream Enterprise implemented a multi-pronged solution that would solve current challenges and future-proof the network. 

First, Windstream Enterprise deployed SD-WAN Concierge in an active/active configuration. The fiber + broadband circuit setup promises true redundancy and higher bandwidth for better performance, plus offers the flexibility to manage the access connections according to business needs going forward.

To keep each location secure, Windstream Enterprise transitioned CDP’s on-premises firewalls to cloud-based Managed Network Security (MNS), providing industry-leading network protection and a consistent and simplified management experience.

Finally, Windstream Enterprise replaced the team’s voice solution with Mitel UC. The cloud-based solution connects all 28 practices across Texas to enable a centralized voice service that’s easy to access, use and scale.

Better voice and network hygiene pay off

By moving to SD-WAN, CDP has gained 2X the bandwidth at 30% less cost compared to their MPLS setup. In fact, because the network can now support such significant bandwidth, CDP has been able to roll out free secure WiFi services to patients, further supporting its goal of exceptional dental experiences.

What’s more, outages have been reduced to virtually zero—a huge win given that circuits were going down daily. If an outage does occur, clients experience almost zero business disruption because the secondary circuit provides the redundancy needed to keep the location running smoothly.

“Windstream Enterprise has been a great partner and always provides exceptional support,” says Irving. The SD-WAN Concierge support team provides immediate notification should a circuit go down so the issue can be quickly resolved. And WE Connect, the Windstream Enterprise customer management portal, enables the IT team to stay proactive; Irving and his team regularly monitor their live dashboards and use the automated daily reporting feature to confidently identify and mitigate any security risks.

Open wide for amazing experiences

Now equipped with high-performing network and communications technology solutions—plus a provider who’s a partner to the business—CDP can refocus on revolutionizing the dental industry and delivering amazing experiences for doctors, staff and patients.

“Windstream Enterprise is a great partner that is constantly looking at the future of technology innovations and sees us as a partner, not just a client.”

Michael Irving, Chief Technology Officer, Community Dental Partners

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