How to level up cloud-based unified communications


Cloud-based office telephone/unified communications systems leveraging broadband Internet are now the solution of choice for businesses of every shape and size. But as organizations increase their reliance on cloud applications— placing increased pressure on a finite amount of network bandwidth—performance and reliability can be an issue. Especially with quality-sensitive applications such as voice and video, where any delay or latency can lead to an imperfect customer experience. That is, until now.

OfficeSuite UC® with SD-WAN combines the simplicity and security of the award-winning OfficeSuite integrated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) application suite—a 100% cloud-based solution trusted by approximately 380,000 professionals across the country—with the superior performance, reliability and flexibility of Windstream Enterprise’s SD-WAN Concierge™.

Individually, these solutions are enabling companies in virtually every industry to improve teamwork and productivity and deliver a superior and consistent customer experience. Together, they offer an unmatched combination of performance, functionality and reliability—backed by up to a 100% SD-WAN SLA—that can be a game-changer for any size or type of organization seeking to achieve a competitive advantage.

Download the full brochure to learn more about:

  • OfficeSuite UC's features, functionality, and advantages
  • The intuitive portal that allows administrators and employees to easily make changes to the system from a single interface
  • OfficeSuite HD Meeting®: The tool that allows your team to meet, chat, collaborate and share to get work done from anywhere

  • Integrations that allow you to connect third-party applications
  • SD-WAN Concierge: The ideal UCaaS network platform
  • How UCaaS and SD-WAN work together to optimize unified communications availability and performance

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