Boost uptime + visibility with our SD-WAN powered by VMware

In this video you'll learn:

  • The benefits of SD-WAN Concierge from Windstream Enterprise (:13)
  • Features that allow you to get the most uptime, visibility and control for your cloud-based applications (:58)
  • Customer portal (1:18)


Read the transcript:

00:13 IT leaders are under pressure to support new applications and new ways of doing business that drive the organization's digital transformation. Productivity depends on it. Customers demand it. For your business to succeed, you can't afford poor application performance or network downtime.

00:30 With cloud core optimized SD-WAN Concierge from Windstream Enterprise, your business applications run at peak performance 24/7. Windstream Enterprise SD-WAN delivers industry-leading performance for mission-critical apps on your wide area network. It offers the most cost-effective access connections to maximize bandwidth, including Broadband and 4G wireless, integrated with your existing MPLS network, combining multiple connections to virtually eliminate downtime.

00:58 Optimize your application performance with features like packet based dynamic path selection, forward error correction and SD-WAN Cloud Connect. SD-WAN from Windstream Enterprise gives you the power to make network changes, like prioritizing important apps, rate limiting low priority apps or blocking unauthorized apps. With our award-winning WE Connect customer portal, you get real time visibility with a customizable dashboard and widgets, and a unique insight engine that helps you identify anomalies and issues and resolve them instantly. 

01:30 Get the most uptime, visibility and control for your cloud-based applications with VMware SD-WAN from Windstream Enterprise. To learn more, visit

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