Deliver security and performance with SD-WAN + Fortinet

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  • The benefits of SD-WAN  with Fortinet from Windstream Enterprise (:12)
  • Security features (:35)
  • Performance features (0:58)



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00:12 Today's IT leaders are juggling two critical and sometimes competing priorities. On one hand, they're under pressure to deliver high demand, high bandwidth cloud-based applications that keep businesses competitive. On the other, they need to keep traditional and cloud-based applications safe from malicious attacks and network interruptions. Performance or security? With secure, cloud-optimized SD-WAN with Fortinet from Windstream Enterprise, you don't have to choose.

00:35 Delivering industry-leading security to your wide area network, SD-WAN with Fortinet offers next generation firewall security and optional advanced UTM security baked right in for more network resiliency and virtually zero downtime. 

00:58 On the performance side, SD-WAN with Fortinet offers a cloud on-ramp to accelerate cloud connectivity, delivering higher maximum throughput at sites and gateways, and prioritizing critical and data intensive apps for higher performance. And because you subscribe to an aggregate amount of bandwidth across the network, it's increasingly cost-effective for multi-site deployments. 

01:21 Industry-leading security, unbeatable network performance, all managed by Windstream Enterprise with dedicated 24 hour expert support. Achieve your digital transformation goals with SD-WAN with Fortinet by Windstream Enterprise. To learn more, visit

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