The Healthcare WANvolution: The Time is Now for SD-WAN and Security

Healthcare networks: the lifeblood of quality patient care

With more technology systems, distributed participants and connected devices in the healthcare ecosystem than ever before, the network is mission-critical to digital transformation and to delivering superior patient care.

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When it comes to legacy infrastructure, the struggle is real

Anticipated challenges of SD-WAN adoption

Healthcare IT leaders understand the need to move to next-gen SD-WAN but anticipate challenges setting their teams up for success.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Windstream Enterprise offers network and security solutions that meet today’s healthcare needs.

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All facts and figures from: “Shift Your Network Thinking to SD-WAN and Security.” A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Windstream Enterprise, March 2022.

*Required services include OfficeSuite UC® and SD-WAN for all Windstream Enterprise guarantees. 0253 | 10.22 © 2022 Windstream Intellectual Property Services, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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