Biotech organization strengthens the lifeline of their business

Transnetyx is dedicated to providing their customers with faster, more accurate and affordable methods that promote responsible, reproducible research. When they noticed their outdated network and voice systems were hindering their infrastructure and bandwidth, the company sought the help of Windstream Enterprise to implement advanced connectivity and collaboration through solutions that could be easily managed from a single pane of glass.

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Industry: Biotech
Customer: 185 employees, founded in 2000, headquarters in Memphis
Challenges: Legacy voice and network solutions, difficult to manage multiple providers, limited bandwidth and redundancy, recurrent network outages, limited Contact Center features
Solutions: SD-WAN ConciergeTM, OfficeSuite UC® – 100+ seats, \ Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), WE Connect
Results: Eliminated network downtime; enhanced bandwidth and redundancy; higher network performance; greater productivity and collaboration; easy-to-manage, unified services

Reaching the boiling point

Transnetyx is the first fully automated company devoted to providing the most efficient path to discovery for biomedical researchers and educators across the globe. The company is laser-focused on saving clients’ valuable time by removing redundant, yet necessary, tests conducted in genetic research. Their innovations have paved the way for research to advance and for deeper understandings to emerge across the industry.

Transnetyx’s IT team plays a critical role in establishing the necessary infrastructure and bandwidth that delivers information as quickly as possible, allowing clients to conduct their research seamlessly and swiftly.

Antonio Taylor, Director of Technical Services and Infrastructure at Transnetyx, felt their existing network and voice systems were inhibiting the company from functioning at their highest capacity. Mainly, they were dissatisfied with their network provider and their single-threaded network. They experienced frequent outages that negatively impacted productivity and missed revenue opportunities. Moreover, their provider was slow to respond and take corrective action on billing and service issues.

Transnetyx was also eager to upgrade their legacy on-premises voice solution. Their PBX phone system was nearing end-of-life, proving to be unreliable, complex and time consuming to manage.

Their antiquated on-premises technology began to fail them once the pandemic hit and a majority of Transnetyx employees started working from home. Moving voice services to the cloud would be easier to use and offer more scalability.

Transnetyx was also running into challenges with their home-grown contact center solution. It was not meeting their expectations to deliver a superior customer experience.

What’s more, Transnetyx was using two separate providers for voice and network services, which meant it took their IT staff twice as much effort managing them. They would rather have one managed service provider to deliver these solutions in a unified and integrated manner. That’s what inspired their transition to modern, IP-based connectivity and collaboration solutions from Windstream Enterprise.

“The solutions from Windstream Enterprise are rock solid and highly reliable and give me the confidence to continue to scale.”

- Antonio Taylor, Director of Technical Services and Infrastructure

Pulling the plug on legacy

Windstream Enterprise first implemented a Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution at their headquarters and datacenters in Tennessee. Award-winning SD-WAN Concierge would ensure connections between their locations in an active/ active configuration for increased uptime and bandwidth, while permitting flexible connectivity and greater business continuity.

Windstream Enterprise also supplied a direct connection to Transnetyx’s Azure cloud where their website was hosted. Doing this would keep unnecessary Internet traffic off their private network.

From there, Windstream Enterprise deployed OfficeSuite UC, a 100% cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution, to replace their on-premises PBX voice system. This cloud-based platform would run on top of the SD-WAN and offer 100+ extensions and 60+ softphones to support their growing remote work environment.

Transnetyx also adopted Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) to support their growing customer service needs. CCaaS would provide best-in-class contact center technology and support for their 19 contact center agents.

Solutions down to a science

Since Transnetyx implemented these strategic offerings from Windstream Enterprise, Taylor and his IT team have been impressed with the outcomes.

Significant trust has been put into this relationship, given that Windstream Enterprise provides fully-managed support as the sole provider of their network, access, voice, collaboration and contact center services.

Network outages have been eliminated since the onset of SD-WAN Concierge, which has successfully increased network bandwidth to support high performance for all their applications. The superior resiliency enables Transnetyx to trend toward the adoption of more cloud applications in their future.

OfficeSuite UC empowers their staff to work remotely, productively and effortlessly. During implementation, Windstream Enterprise scheduled multiple training sessions to help Transnetyx employees understand how to maximize features of their new phone solution. End users also love the new system and internal users take advantage of the ability to customize features and appreciate the scalability of the solution.

Additionally, Windstream Enterprise CCaaS is Transnetyx’s first contact center solution, which offers new and helpful functionalities that makes it easier than ever to support their customers.

For everyday monitoring, Taylor’s IT staff routinely uses the SD-WAN and OfficeSuite UC WE Connect portals for real-time troubleshooting, reporting and administration. Having a single pane of glass view into all their Windstream Enterprise solutions gives them peace of mind.

And with Windstream Enterprise co-managing everything, their IT team can focus on projects that help grow the business. Rather than babysit underperforming applications and services, they can now support larger strategic goals, such as moving more of their on-premises solutions to the cloud.

“The Windstream Enterprise team is highly responsive and provides excellent support.”

- Antonio Taylor, Director of Technical Services and Infrastructure

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