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  • Customer expectations of retailers across channels (:08)
  • How expertise from our retail industry team helps our clients respond to increased expectations around omni-channel functionality (:42)
  • Windstream Enterprise value proposition for retail (1:19)

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0:08 We recognize that customers expect retailers to be innovative and provide a seamless experience across all channels. Retailers need the right game plan to enable a great omnichannel experience, remain agile by accelerating migration to the cloud, support store innovation and supply chain technology, create efficiencies amidst a challenging labor market.

0:31 Stay ahead of security threats and PCI compliance. Leverage a single partner to simplify billing, network management and scalability.

0:42 By leveraging expertise from our retail industry team of experts, conducting primary research to deepen our understanding and demonstrating our value, we will provide our clients with unrivaled consultative support.

0:56 Broadening our focus on industry insights relevant to today's market will help our clients respond to increased expectations around omni-channel functionality, provide efficient customer service, prevent cyberattacks and ensure PCI compliance, enable real-time data for supply chain transparency and IoT devices allow for agile store innovation.

1:19 These critical growth areas are the basis for our value proposition. Windstream Enterprise drives business transformation through the convergence of our proprietary software solutions and cloud-optimized network to unlock our retail clients’ revenue and profitability potential.

1:35 Our managed services elevate the customer experience by enabling omni-channel strategies and enhancing security while protecting a retailer's critical data and brand reputation.

1:47 Analysts certify Windstream Enterprise as a market leader for our product innovation, and clients rely on our unrivaled service guarantees and best-in-class management portal.

1:57 Retailers trust Windstream Enterprise as their single-source for a high-performance network and award-winning suite of connectivity, collaboration and security solutions—delivered by a team of technology experts whose success is directly tied to our clients’ complete satisfaction.

2:14 At Windstream Enterprise, we strive to be the number-one provider for retail organizations, but this level of excellence requires execution from internal stakeholders across the entire organization.

2:27 Windstream Enterprise is the right partner with the right solutions to help our retail clients evolve.

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