SD-WAN Concierge™ with VMware® from WE

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00:14 Your business can't risk poor performance on mission-critical applications. And you can't physically be everywhere at once. SD-WAN Concierge with VMware from Windstream Enterprise, combined with the WE Connect portal, delivers industry-leading, real-time visibility and control across your entire wide area network. See the unseen including detailed location, application, device, destination and source data. SD-WAN with VMware delivers real-time monitoring and optimization—wherever you're working.

00:47 WE Connect offers customizable dashboards and maps so you see the details you need, when you need them, with alerts that have your back. Set priorities for latency-sensitive apps and monitor Quality of Experience continuously. Get a summary view of all your sites, including edges and links, then drill down on site details for top apps, destinations, and sources, grouped and tagged for easy identification and trust in the security of PCI-compliance. Monitor the status of all open orders and installation projects, and create new tickets as needed, and check the resource center for announcements of new features and enhancements—along with tips on how to get more from the WE Connect portal.

01:29 Get award-winning visibility and performance. And industry-leading security. All managed by Windstream Enterprise with dedicated 24-hour support. Monitor and optimize your digital transformation with SD-WAN with VMware from Windstream Enterprise.

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