8 reasons why OfficeSuite + SD-WAN Concierge can help your business

Combining OfficeSuite UC with SD-WAN provides organizations with the unprecedented performance, reliability and availability required to deliver superior quality of service (QoS) for business critical latency sensitive applications such as voice and video.

This combination is backed by a network availability service level agreement of up to 100% uptime. All with a goal of delivering a superior customer and end user experience, leveraging the productivity and cost efficiency enhancements made possible by the cloud.


01. Optimized performance/reliability/QoS

An integrated 100% cloud-based UC and SD-WAN solution that offers premier-level performance and availability without the premier price. It’s the ideal voice, collaboration and conferencing solution for businesses where maximum uptime and flawless, error free voice and video are essential to innovation and success.


02. Easy to deploy, use and manage

Both solutions were designed to empower administrators and users to achieve maximum levels of productivity. OfficeSuite UC is so intuitive, users can add or learn to use features without IT support and can self-manage and make changes from any device via our award-winning WE Connect portal. The fully managed SD-WAN Concierge does the same for IT, lifting the burden and complexity of implementation and management for superior ROI, while our SD-WAN management tool gives IT real-time visibility and control across the network.


03. Built for the cloud

OfficeSuite UC was built with our own proprietary protocol, SilNet, instead of SIP or open source, making it highly stable, resilient and manageable in a cloud-based environment using a single online dashboard. Our SD-WAN solution was designed to support ongoing cloud transformation, to deliver and optimize and prioritize applications like OfficeSuite UC and to accommodate the unique needs of real-time business-critical cloud applications, while maximizing the use of widely available and cost-effective broadband connectivity.


04. Complete visibility and control

Our SD-WAN Concierge provides unprecedented application visibility and network control over all applications and traffic traversing the network. With this kind of analytic insight, IT managers can define business and security policies in order to optimize performance by application, user, location or device, to be sure the most essential and performance-sensitive applications get access to the bandwidth needed. This allows for making more cost-efficient use of available bandwidth at all times.


05. Enterprise-grade security

The combination of OfficeSuite UC and SD-WAN offers enterprise-grade security designed to satisfy the demands of any kind of business. With OfficeSuite UC, calls, messages and meetings are encrypted over broadband connections from end-to-end. And because everything is stored securely in the cloud instead of on a premises-based server or phone/device, there is nothing to hack on-site. In addition, SD-WAN creates a virtual private network over top of existing data connections utilizing IPSec encryption and includes the ability to easily modify firewall and security policies by location from the management tool.


06. Scalable to support rapid growth and change

Business expanding? Migrating to additional cloud-based applications? Need more bandwidth? Both OfficeSuite UC and SD-WAN allow for rapid location deployment. In addition, OfficeSuite UC is easily scalable to up to 20,000 users and our cloud-based WE Connect management portal makes adding users, ordering new services and devices simple and convenient.


07. Built to support anytime, anywhere, any device mobility

OfficeSuite UC includes strong support for enterprise mobility, enabling remote and mobile employees to connect, communicate and collaborate wherever they are using their choice of device. Users can connect with softphone applications for mobile devices and laptops to support remote and mobile employees and to accommodate the preferences of younger tech-savvy employees. OfficeSuite UC also includes one-of-a-kind mobility features like Hot Desking (using any phone in any office) and Twinning (sends calls to desk and mobile simultaneously). And regardless of device, SD-WAN ensures all calls receive the highest priority with unparalleled quality.


08. Business continuity/disaster avoidance

SD-WAN uses active/active connectivity and dynamic WAN selection to ensure reliability and business continuity for maximum uptime for essential voice and video applications and can be paired with diverse access options for enhanced resilience. In addition, OfficeSuite UC’s cloud-based design means the entire system is available anytime, anywhere, in the cloud, even in the unlikely event of a natural disaster which might otherwise disable a premises-based solution.

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