New Log in Process: SD-WAN Management Tool

To provide a more secure environment that conforms to industry-leading security best practices, Windstream Enterprise will be implementing changes the evening of May 11, 2018, that impact the way users access our SD-WAN Management Tool within Windstream Online.

As a reminder, after the May 11 change is released, all users with ‘Manage (Limited) SD-WAN Configure’ and ‘Manage (All) SD-WAN Configure’ permissions must switch to a 2-factor authentication to access the SD-WAN Management Tool.

If you have not done so already, we encourage you to prepare for this change by completing one of the following options in advance:

For customers who are not concerned about PCI-DSS compliance: Install the PingID app onto your desktop and pair it (directions are forthcoming).

For customers who are concerned about PCI-DSS compliance: Use the 2-factor authentication on a device physically separate from the device used to log into the SD-WAN Management Tool and:

  1. Install the PingID app onto an Apple or Android device and pair it (directions are forthcoming) – preferred; or
  2. Use SMS text messaging (message rates may apply; limit up to forty 2-factor authentication codes generated within a 24-hour period per user)

Note: You will not be able to access the SD-WAN Management Tool and manage your SD-WAN services if you fail to set up your 2-factor authentication at the time of your first login after the May 11 change is released.

A user guide with step-by-step instructions will be provided prior to May 11. Should you have questions in the meantime, please contact Windstream Enterprise Care at 800.600.5050.