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MyOfficeSuite Migration

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In an effort to continuously enhance the user experience of both our customers and partners, Windstream Enterprise is migrating existing customers in MyOfficeSuite to our award-winning WE Connect portal.

Partners who previously managed these customers in the MyOfficeSuite Agent portal will need to register for our WE Connect Partners portal going forward.

WE Connect Partners portal information

Customer accounts tagged to a Partner will be migrated beginning September 22, 2020.

As a reminder, you will see and manage these customers in the WE Connect Partners portal post migration. We have begun proactively sending invites to our Partners for access to the portal. If you have not yet received your invite, be sure to request it today.

Prior to the migration, Partners are encouraged to attend one of two training sessions for WE Connect Partners:

Session 1: Monday, Sept. 14 @ 10 AM CT

Register in advance here.

Session 2: Thursday, Sept. 17 @ 10 AM CT

Register in advance here.

How to support your customers

All MyOfficeSuite users will receive a reminder email to register for WE Connect, the new and enhanced customer portal and will have access to both portals for 30 days after migration. Customers can find their “access expiration” date by checking the countdown clock in MyOfficeSuite.

More information can also be found in Community regarding the migration process and what changes to expect.

In the meantime, we have put together a quick checklist that your customer Admins can follow to facilitate the transition:

  • Check for a ‘Welcome to WE Connect’ registration email from ‘’ and click ‘Register Today’ to get started.
  • Invite new users to WE Connect by navigating to User Manager > Invite User.
  • Take the WE Connect Portal Tour to learn about new features and functionality.
  • Ensure account information is correct and all services are functioning properly (i.e., Incoming Call Routing and Auto Attendant).
  • Submit a service request for any anomalies by going to Support > New Service Ticket Request.
  • Confirm Sub-Admin profiles and permissions.
  • Attend the OfficeSuite UC® weekly Admin training sessions.
  • View additional information, how-to documents and Admin help by logging into WE Connect and clicking on the ‘WE Community’ widget or Support > Community.
  • Read the How to Order and Install the WE Connect PC Softphone Community post and share the information with any OfficeSuite UC Desktop App or PC Softphone users.
  • Download the WE Connect Mobile Softphone Guide.

In addition, users on the account should do the following:

We hope these simple steps help keep you and your customers on track during the migration process.