One by One

Windstream Enterprise is not the same company today that it was just two years ago. And we have our customers to thank for who we’ve become.

We started by analyzing the customer data from our annual survey.

We spoke to and surveyed over 1,000 enterprises to identify their IT challenges and needs. With this knowledge in hand, we began investing in the things that mattered most to our customers—enhancements to enable them to transform their own businesses and drive their own success.

Changing our infrastructure to deliver:

  • Leading edge network solutions for the cloud economy

  • The ability to tailor solutions to customers’ unique needs

  • A focus on empowering customers, putting more control in their hands

  • And, delivering a superior customer experience at every turn

Seeking deeper understanding

Customer feedback is the foundation of everything we do and our CX Action Board acts as our Board of Directors to help us set direction based on what we hear from you. This team of VP-level executives recently met to identify specific issues we need to address and develop solutions into quick ‘sprints’ that are resolved within weeks.

Customer interviews help us understand what “Quality of updates” means to you and we learned that regular status updates on requests are what matters most when you contact our Repair team. With those insights, we retrained agents on communication tools and update templates. We’ve also implemented more rigorous quality audits in March and are seeing improved overall customer satisfaction with our CARE representatives as a result.

Modernizing our Support Channels: Live Chat

This summer we launched a live-chat program for our legacy Windstream customers to streamline our customer support channels and modernize the day-to-day interactions our customers have with us. Our initial enterprise-level customer service chat program in Windstream Online will lead to more choices for customers to choose how they want to interact with Windstream in the future.

Across our industry, and in many others, using chat as a support channel has proven to be very popular and even preferred by many customers. For example, companies report higher customer satisfaction rates when the interaction occurs via chat. “Chat” is perceived as easier, more flexible and lets the customer multitask while interacting with a company. Also, it improves how companies share knowledge by quickly pointing them to features, functionality, and documents within digital environments.
Our live-chat launch this summer has proven to be more successful than we initially anticipated with many of your fellow customers utilizing this support channel. Due to the success of this program, we’re not stopping there! We’re actively looking at different areas within our business to understand how chat can be used to improve our customers’ experiences. We’re also looking further down the road to understand how we can continue to modernize our support channels by including chat-bots or artificial intelligence (AI).

Mobility is king and AI is slowly finding its way into our daily interactions. Moving from an omni-channel strategy to a channel-less strategy, one in which customers move seamlessly from one channel to the next, requires a sophisticated approach, and WE believes that AI is a tool that will help us develop multiple channels for our customers to interact with our sales, support and financial teams in the way they choose. For example, AI can gather information and determine if automation can solve an issue or if seasoned professionals need to intervene. This means faster problem resolution and less time that customers need to be away from business needs.

More to come so be on the lookout for changes when you access our digital portals.

Optimize customer experience: Here are the steps we’re taking

The Customer Is the New Marketing Department

Today’s customer is in the driver’s seat. With the expansion of social media and access to a wealth of online information, B2B customers are able to discover a company’s reputation, its ability to execute, and the strength of its offerings before ever speaking with a sales professional. Research shows that, on average, B2B buyers are 75% complete with their assessments by the time they engage a prospective solution provider.

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Tony Thomas, President & Chief Executive Officer

“Our goal is to ensure your interaction with us is the best you’ve ever had, elevating customer experience to an entirely new level.”

Tony Thomas
President & Chief Executive Officer

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