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Connect the Dots Podcast

The podcast where we explore strategic partnerships, industry trends and opportunities for expanding your network

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we need to move beyond a “one-size-fits- all” approach to network connectivity solutions. Tune in as host Joe Scattareggia, Executive Vice-President @ Windstream Wholesale, speaks with industry leaders, partners and customers as they explore industry trends, and what it takes to “connect the dots” in our digital world.

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Session 3: Windstream and Ciena: Partnering To Build the Next Generation Network

Kevin Sheehan, Chief Technology Officer of the Americas for Ciena, joins the program to discuss the impact of Covid 19 and along with why Windstream has chosen to partner with Ciena for their National Converged Optical Network (NCON). Kevin shares his thoughts about how Windstream is pushing the limits of technology, and why Windstream's NCON solution is uniquely qualified to meet the most pressing customer needs. You'll also discover how NCON will serve as a relief valve to handle increased network capacity and demand and more.

Previous Podcasts

Session 1: with Windstream CEO, Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas, President and CEO of Windstream, joins the program to reveal how Windstream has been able to thrive during COVID-19 pandemic, why the company is well positioned upon emergence from restructuring as a privately-held company and…many additional growth engines for Windstream Wholesale.

Session 2: How Windstream Wholesale and Infinera continue to Innovate and Thrive in Times of Disruption

Guest Glenn Laxdal, Senior Vice President, Global Product Line Management at Infinera Corporation, joins the program to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on product and service delivery, as well as the supply chain. Discover two important trials that Windstream and Infinera completed in the marketplace, even in the midst of the pandemic and so much more.