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The podcast where we explore strategic partnerships, industry trends and opportunities for expanding your network

In today’s rapidly changing environment, we need to move beyond a “one-size-fits- all” approach to network connectivity solutions. Tune in as host Joe Scattareggia, Executive Vice-President @ Windstream Wholesale, speaks with industry leaders, partners and customers as they explore industry trends, and what it takes to “connect the dots” in our digital world.

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Episode 24

Industry Trends and Investments: With Bill Cook

Bill Cook, CEO of Cook Consulting Group and venture partner for Columbia Capital, joins the program with Joe Scattareggia, EVP @Windstream Wholesale to discuss his career journey and shares his thoughts on recent long-haul investment activities that are happening in the marketplace. Discover the types of customers that are driving the need for increased bandwidth and the importance of leveraging partnerships. Bill also shares his perspective on what he likes about Windstream Wholesale’s long-haul routes and much more.

Previous Podcasts

Episode 1: With Windstream CEO, Tony Thomas

Tony Thomas, President and CEO of Windstream, joins the program to reveal how Windstream has been able to thrive during COVID-19 pandemic, why the company is well positioned upon emergence from restructuring as a privately-held company and…many additional growth engines for Windstream Wholesale.

Episode 2: How Windstream Wholesale and Infinera continue to Innovate and Thrive in Times of Disruption

Guest Glenn Laxdal, Senior Vice President, Global Product Line Management at Infinera Corporation, joins the program to discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on product and service delivery, as well as the supply chain. Discover two important trials that Windstream and Infinera completed in the marketplace, even in the midst of the pandemic and so much more.

Episode 3: Windstream and Ciena: Partnering To Build the Next Generation Network

Kevin Sheehan, Chief Technology Officer of the Americas for Ciena, joins the program to discuss the impact of Covid 19 and along with why Windstream has chosen to partner with Ciena for their National Converged Optical Network (NCON). Kevin shares his thoughts about how Windstream is pushing the limits of technology, and why Windstream's NCON solution is uniquely qualified to meet the most pressing customer needs. You'll also discover how NCON will serve as a relief valve to handle increased network capacity and demand and more.

Episode 4: Enhancing Optical Network Scalability

Robert Shore, Senior Vice-President of marketing at Infinera Corporation, joins the program to discuss the benefits of their partnership with Windstream Wholesale, and the innovation that has resulted from that partnership. Robert shares the significant enhancements that his organization has made when it comes to open optical networking. Discover the key features and benefits for customers, and how machine learning and predictive analytics will continue to improve services.

Episode 5: Partnering to Provide a New Level of Connectivity Options

Gerardo Bonilla, Head of Sales at Telxius, joins the program to provide an overview of the innovative services that his organization is providing, and discusses the partnership between Telxius and Windstream Wholesale in Virginia Beach. Discover how this partnership will provide Windstream Wholesale customers with unprecedented high-speed network connections in Europe, South America, the Caribbean and multiple points nationally across the U.S. Gerardo also reveals some upcoming projects that Telxius has in development, and the growing demand for diversity among vendors and clients.

Episode 6: MDC Data Centers: How Neutrality Provides Freedom of Choice and Improved Service Quality

This episode features an interview with Juan Salazar, CEO of MDC Data Centers, as he discusses the benefits of MDC's partnership with Windstream Wholesale and what he appreciates most about that partnership. Discover how MDC helps customers get connectivity from their international fiber crossings to other key data centers in the U.S., and a digital tool that MDC created that helps match customers with the right service provider. Juan also reveals the importance of neutrality, and a unique value proposition that MDC provides to customers.

Episode 7: Transforming the World Through the Power of Connectivity: A Conversation with Keri Gilder, CEO of Colt

Keri Gilder, CEO of Colt, joins Joe Scattareggia, EVP Windstream Wholesale to discuss what it’s been like to lead her organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as their network expansion strategy. Discover how Colt is utilizing SDN to provide on-demand bandwidth solutions into the cloud, and how partnering with organizations like Colt enables Windstream Wholesale to be a technology leader. Keri also reveals how technology, leadership and engineering fit into Colt’s strategy and corporate vision.

Episode 8: Investments in Technology and Telecom: Transactions, Trends, and the Impact of the Pandemic

Richard Lukaj, co-founder and senior managing director of Bank Street, a leading investment bank focused on the communications, media and technology sectors, joins Joe Scattareggia, EVP of Windstream Wholesale, to provide his perspective on investments in the technology industry. Richard shares his thoughts about some of the investments that Bank Street has made this past year, how the investment community puts a value on technology leadership when assessing a company, and the view from the investment community regarding the current state of the pandemic. He also shares his thoughts about the positive impact of Windstream's recent restructuring.

Episode 9: How Windstream Supports Diversity in the Marketplace

Kristi Moody, General Counsel for Windstream, joins the program to discuss the role that diversity plays in Windstream’s core values and beliefs. Discover how diversity contributes to creating a stable workforce and an enhanced customer experience. Kristi also reveals some of the diversity and inclusion initiatives within Windstream, and awards that Windstream has won for their diversity efforts.

Episode 10: Flexential's Partnership with Windstream Wholesale: Providing Route Diversity and Meeting Increased Network Demand

Tim Parker, Senior Vice-President of Network Strategy at Flexential, joins the program to discuss some of their exciting growth opportunities, and how the COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for global connectivity solutions. Discover why Flexential partners with Windstream Wholesale, and how they leverage that partnership to provide high-quality connectivity solutions for customers. Discover the importance of route diversity, and how Windstream's Intelligent Converged Optical Network( akaNCON) will help meet growing network demand.

Episode 11: Fast and Flexible: How Windstream is Positioned to Meet Market Demands in 2021 and Beyond

Host Joe Scattareggia interviews special guest, Bill LaPerch, board member at Windstream. Bill shares his predictions about the technology deployments and advancements coming in 2021, as well as the evolution of the cloud. He also shares his thoughts about the two big demand drivers that will influence investments. Discover why Windstream is in a particularly good position when it comes to making the necessary investments to remain a leader in the technology space, and the benefits of Windstream’s partnerships for customers.

Episode 12: Bulk Infrastructure: Bringing Sustainable Solutions to a Global Audience

This episode features an interview with Peder Naerbo Founder and Owner of Bulk Infrastructure Group, as he discusses with Joe Scattareggia how his company helps to create sustainable solutions. Peder shares details about a new fiber cable system that Bulk is building between Norway and Denmark and reveals the value of partnering with Windstream Wholesale. Discover the unique value proposition that Windstream Wholesale brings to the market, some of the vertical sectors that Bulk is looking to do business with, and the benefits of sustainability for customers.

Episode 13: Windstream’s Partnership with Acacia: Creating Record-Setting Solutions in Optical Networking

This episode features an interview with Tom Williams, Vice President of Acacia Communications, and Art Nichols, Vice President of Architecture and Technology at Windstream. Discover some of the technical details about the successful live network trial between Windstream Wholesale and Acacia which deployed 400 gigabits per second single-wavelength transmission over 1,027 kilometers across Windstream’s long-haul network between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Tom also shares his thoughts about why Acacia chose to partner with Windstream, and the benefits of that partnership for customers.

Episode 14: Seaborn Networks: Pioneering Change Through Connectivity and Technology Innovation

Steve Orlando, CEO of Seaborn Networks, joins the program with Joe Scattareggia, EVP Windstream Wholesale to discuss his vision for Seaborn over the next five years, and their core areas of focus. Steve also reveals the qualities that Seaborn looks for when forging partnerships, as well as their plan for network expansion. Discover the importance of technology leadership, and Windstream Wholesale’s recent groundbreaking optical networking trials. Steve also shares his thoughts about why Seaborn chose to partner with Windstream Wholesale.

Episode 15: Windstream’s Partnership with NJFX: Expanding Capacity to Major Data Center Markets

This episode features an interview with Gil Santaliz, founder and CEO of NJFX. Tune in as Gil discusses with Joe Scattareggia, EVP, Windstream Wholesale, the vision for his company, and why NJFX chose to partner with Windstream Wholesale, as well as the benefits of that partnership for NJFX and customers. Gil also reveals the efforts that NJFX makes to keep pace with growth and demand in the marketplace and why flexibility is essential. Discover how NJFX addresses power issues and the importance of diversity from a customer perspective.

Episode 16: How PCCW Global Is Delivering On-Demand, Flexible Connectivity

This episode features an interview with Marc Halbfinger, CEO of PCCW Global --hosted by Joe Scattareggia, EVP @ Windstream Wholesale. Marc discusses how PCCW Global’s position in the marketplace, the features and benefits of the Console Connect portal and the company’s key priorities over the next couple of years. Marc reveals network and market expansion strategies and the benefits of their partnership with Princeton Digital Group. You’ll also hear about how Windstream has evolved to increase sustainability and flexibility to meet customer needs.

Episode 17: Investing in Innovation and Technology Trials: Windstream’s Partnership with Colt

This episode features a conversation with Vivek Gaur, Vice-President of Engineering at Colt Technology Services, and Art Nichols, Vice-President of Architecture and Technology at Windstream. Discover how Windstream and Colt recently partnered to conduct a successful 400G managed spectrum trial. You’ll also learn why Colt chose Windstream as a partner, and what this partnership means for future collaboration, as both Colt and Windstream pursue innovation and investment in technology trials. Art also reveals some of the upcoming innovation customers can expect from Windstream.

Episode 18: Windstream’s Partnership with EdgeConneX: Advancing Digital Transformation

Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX, joins the program to discuss how his company differentiates itself in the marketplace and shares his thoughts about innovation in the data center space. Discover the importance of sustainability and the geographic areas where EdgeConneX is looking to expand.Phillip also discusses the future of in-person conferences in 2021 and beyond.You’ll also discover how EdgeConneX’s partnership with WindstreamWholesale has allowed for increased capacity options for customers, and meaningful digital transformation.

Episode 19: How Marcatel is Meeting the Ever-Growing Demand for Bandwidth

Gustavo Mario de la Garza Flores, CEO of Marcatel, joins the program with Joe Scattareggia EVP @ Windstream Wholesale to provide an overview of his organization and discuss how Marcatel is now offering low-latency, high-capacity data center interconnect (DCI) services at speeds up to 600Gbps across long distances.Gustavo reveals what he looks for when cultivating business partnerships and the benefits of partnering with Windstream Wholesale. Discover what makes Marcatel stand out in the marketplace.

Episode 20: How Windstream Wholesale Differentiates Itself in the Marketplace

John Nishimoto is Vice President Product Management and Marketing @ Windstream Wholesale, joins the program to discuss how Windstream Wholesale differentiates its products from others in the marketplace and the three core pillars that set WW apart. John shares his perspective on network expansion and the key areas of growth in the U.S. and abroad. Discover the factors that enable Windstream Wholesale to develop meaningful partnerships, innovate creative solutions, and be the fast and flexible provider for their customers.

Episode 21: Ziply Fiber: Building and Expanding an Advanced Fiber Network

Brian Stading, Chief Operating Officer of Ziply Fiber, joins the program to provide an overview of his company and reveals why their partnership with Windstream is crucial to Ziply’s growth. Discover how Ziply differentiates itself from other competitors in the marketplace and their plans for expansion. Brian also reveals the companies that are driving market demand in the Northwest.

Episode 22: Expanding the Dots: Windstream Wholesale and Telxius Partnering to Provide Ultra-High Capacity International Access

Enrique Valdes, Vice President Sales,North Region for Telxius, joins the program to discuss Telxius’partnership with Windstream Wholesale and how that collaboration is providing customers with ultra-high connectivity and diversity options throughout the U.S, Latin America, and beyond. Enrique reveals the verticals that are drivers of growth and how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to support their IT infrastructure development. He also shares his thoughts about why Windstream’s commitment to being fast and flexible makes them an ideal strategic partner for Telxius.

Episode 23: Akamai Technologies: Innovating at the Edge

Steve Schecter, Director of Network Architecture at Akamai Technologies, joins the program to discuss why Akamai has been referred to as the "WD-40 of the Internet", why Akamai decided to partner with Windstream Wholesale, and how that partnership fits into Akamai's internet ecosystem. Discover where Akamai has been focusing its expansion efforts, the next technologies that they are looking to embrace, and how Akamai is working with its partners to expand deeper into their networks.