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CPT supports MPLS tails to heritage Earthlink NNIs

As part of our ongoing product and portal consolidation efforts, we’re pleased to announce that we have added existing heritage EarthLink NNIs into the Customer Portal Tool (CPT) for select customers with heritage Earthlink MPLS networks.

Select partners can now quote and order additional MPLS tails to existing end-user networks via the CPT. Any requests for new end-user MPLS networks will require the establishment of a new Windstream NNI.

This change supports our ongoing strategic efforts to integrate products and processes as quickly as possible, with the end goal of delivering a consistent customer experience that starts with our best-in-class CPT.

WE Resale is committed to providing our partners with innovative products, workflow and support tools. We strive to be your single-vendor solution, helping you meet your customers’ needs, while reducing complexity.

For more details, contact your account executive.


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