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Now available—vendor exclusion quoting

Based on your feedback, ‘Vendor Exclusion’ has been added to the CPT. You can now remove up to five different loop providers in any of your DIA PREM or MPLS Ethernet quote requests.

To leverage this new capability, simply follow the CPT instructions outlined below.

NOTE: This is only for Ethernet circuit type and the DIA PREM and MPLS products.

Once you select your product and circuit type, you’ll see a new option at the bottom of the page labeled ‘Vendor Exclusion’ (see image below). This appears in the same area as the ‘Special Requirements’ or ‘ICB Quote’ request option.

Upon selecting this option, a list of available vendors to exclude from this specific quote will appear. By excluding a vendor, the CPT will bypass them as an option for delivery and advance to the next available option with the best price.

All required fields must be filled in before submitting the request. Incomplete required fields will trigger error messages.

After all required fields have been populated, click ‘Submit’, allowing the CPT to process the request. When selecting the ‘Vendor Exclusion’ option, those providers will not be reflected as delivery options in the quote.

For more details, contact your account executive.

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