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DDoS Auto-Mitigation Now Available for New DIA and MPLS Orders

DDoS Auto-Mitigation Now Available for New DIA and MPLS Orders!


In October, Windstream will be launching a new product that will automatically mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Windstream-provided DIA and MPLS internet circuits.

Windstream’s DDoS Auto-Mitigation protects your end users from the consequences of even the most advanced, robust attacks. It detects when your end users have been compromised and automatically redirects internet traffic in real-time. The product offering also includes a portal that allows you to log in to view the details of the attack and mitigation process, as well as to generate reports for each of your end users.

DDoS attacks deliberately overload a company’s network with fake traffic, preventing intended users from accessing its websites or applications. These attacks can significantly impact operations, financials and reputation. The time and costs of finding, repairing and recovering from an attack can also be excessive. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent DDoS attacks, but you can equip your customers with the right defenses to deal with DDoS attacks when they happen.

Resale partners who purchase Internet services (via the DIA Prem or MPLS+Internet product offering) will have the option of adding DDoS mitigation to protect their end users from this sophisticated form of cyber-crime. You may not be able to prevent DDoS attacks, but you can provide your customers the tools to manage them as quickly and efficiently as possible when they happen.

Please reach out to your Resale Account Executive for more information.

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