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DIA Portal Integration – Dedicated Internet Access

DIA Portal Integration – Dedicated Internet Access (“DIA Prem”)


Over the last six months, we have been planning and executing on an integration plan focused on improving your customer experience. We pledge our continued commitment to enabling your success by consistently delivering the benefits of combining the best of our merged companies.

We are pleased to announce that we have completed Phase 1 of product and portal integration for our Dedicated Internet Access solution – also referred to as “DIA Prem”. The combined footprint of the new Internet offering will provide service availability for over 90% of the U.S. and will include several access methods such as Ethernet, Ethernet Over Copper, Fixed Wireless, DS1 and bonded DS1 technologies – with bandwidths up to 1Gb.

Our partners will now be able to choose from pre-configured CPE (managed router) with professional installation or customer provided equipment options. Our new managed router option features a range of benefits – from our proactive monitoring of the circuit performance, to providing real-time alerts in the unlikely event of an outage, to opening trouble tickets on your behalf. Windstream’s user-friendly Customer Portal Tool (CPT) allows you to seamlessly and efficiently quote and submit orders, eliminating the need for multiple tools and providing a streamlined experience.

This is the first of many enhancements we plan on making. We will be consolidating other products into the CPT, upgrading both our API and Bulk Quoting tool and extending availability of the managed router option into our ILEC footprint.


Stay tuned for more updates while we progress on our mission as the only provider that truly understands your resale business. For more details on any of the articles above, please contact your assigned WE Resale account representative.

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