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Fixed Wireless Access Options for DIA and MPLS

Fixed Wireless Access Options Available for DIA and MPLS products!


Windstream Enterprise Resale offers a complete portfolio of access methods for our DIA and MPLS products, including EOF, EOC, Cable, DSL and now Fixed Wireless. Our new Fixed Wireless offering delivers BOTH secure connectivity and network diversity. If your customers are looking for dedicated connections that provide diverse last mile access, then Fixed Wireless is the ideal solution.

Fixed Wireless can supplement an existing network by adding scalability and support for traditional and cloud-based business-critical applications. You’ll rest easy, knowing that your end users will stay connected with 99.99% network availability in the event of an outage impacting buried utilities.

We currently offer Fixed Wireless service in approximately 44 metro markets, and we’re continuing to expand into new markets across the country.

For complete details on our Fixed Wireless solution, please contact your Windstream Account Executive. Check out our Fixed Wireless Interactive Map.


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