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Integration – MPLS Product Update

Portal Integration – MPLS Product Update


As mentioned in a previous edition of the Windstream Enterprise Resale monthly newsletter, we are continuing to make great strides in integrating our products and processes. Our goal is to deliver a consistent customer experience, starting with our best-in-class customer-facing portal (CPT).

As part of our post-acquisition product and portal consolidation, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully expanded our solutions suite to include our nationwide, managed router MPLS product lines into the CPT. With this addition, our resale partners will now be able to quote and order pre-configured CPE (managed router) with professional installation. One of the many benefits of the new managed router option is our ability to proactively address any circuit performance issues that may arise.

This addition follows the recent integration of our DIA Prem (Dedicated Internet Access) product into the CPT – a further testimony of Windstream’s commitment to providing our partners with innovative products, workflows, and support tools. We strive to be your single-vendor solution, helping you meet your customers’ needs, while increasing efficiency and reducing complexity.


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