Resale Services

Letter to Resale Partners – Reseller Network Services

Newly Transformed Resale Services

Dear Valued Resale Partners,

It’s a ‘brand’ new day at Windstream Enterprise and Wholesale, and I want to welcome you as an invaluable partner as we embark on this journey together. Quite literally, when we launched the new Windstream Enterprise and Wholesale brand in February, it was about more than a different approach to engaging with our partners and customers. It was about our own transformation journey that began over two years ago to become a more agile, responsive and valuable partner to our customers and partners so they would succeed in an increasingly digital, cloud-driven world. In that time, we’ve made significant investments in technology and infrastructure, improved processes, created a customer-driven culture, and greatly expanded our strategic product portfolio to include next-generation solutions like OfficeSuite® UC and SD-WAN. And, we committed to becoming the partner’s “partner,” based on trust, respect and a shared commitment to each other’s success.

New Relationship Rules
As the former CEO of a resale partner, I have always viewed resale as an extension of a service provider’s sales force. Resale is an opportunity to grow both the parent company and its customer in lock-step. When the relationship is working, it leads to ‘mutually-assured success,’ a shared vision that leads to stronger, deeper relationships and revenue growth for both. At the same time, I also struggled with the lack of attention and vision for the channel from all carrier and service providers. We had to constantly prove ourselves and vie for attention to gain mindshare and support, leaving little time to focus on what matters: our customers. As marketplace complexity continues to grow, customers are calling on us to guide them with understanding and expertise as they struggle to adapt and thrive amidst the changes. It’s my firm belief that this challenge makes the resale partner more important than ever but it significantly changes the task at hand for all of us. I’m inviting you to join me in this challenge.

Resale Elevated
In my role as President of the newly-energized Resale division within Windstream Enterprise, I’m convinced there’s never been a better time to provide our resale partners like you with a new vision for strategic products and services. By elevating the resale business unit, we’re increasing support on all levels for the resale partner, including industry-leading solutions and products, more competitive and quicker pricing options, improved communications and effectiveness on support and more agile implementations. A lot of change needs to be made to solidify the vision and the transformation will not happen overnight. I’m confident that your partnership and patience during this time will prove well worth the effort in the long run.

A new brand calls for a new kind of partnership, and I’m committed to building an even stronger, more lasting partnership through dedication, reliability, responsiveness and the support necessary to make that happen. I look forward to meeting with you as I travel to get to know our resale partners. As always, I welcome hearing from you and am excited about the shared opportunities to come.

Yours in success,

Darren Mass | President