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Coming soon—Mitel 6900 IP phones with OfficeSuite UC® White Label

A new set of phones will soon be added to our award-winning OfficeSuite UC® White Label (OS WL) product. The specific phone models include the Mitel 6920, 6930 and 6940 and the M695 expansion module.

These phones have more buttons, color LCD screens and USB ports on all models. The top two models will have Bluetooth built in and an integrated DECT headset, giving users the ability to untether themselves from their desk and take advantage of the added productivity that wireless communications deliver.

The specific phone models added include the Mitel 6920, 6930 and 6940 and the M695 Expansion module.


  • Mitel 6920 18-button phone with up to 6 line appearances
  • Mitel 6930 72-button phone with up to 12 line appearances
  • Mitel 6940 96-button phone with up to 16 line appearances
  • Mitel DECT Headset (can be paired with 6930 and 6940 phones)
  • Mitel M695 28-button expansion module—works with all the phone models listed above with up to 3 expansion modules (total of 84 extra buttons)

Phone Features

6920 6930 6940
LCD Display 3.5″ (320×240) LCD 4.3″ (480×272) LCD 7″ (800×480) Touchscreen LCD
Soft-Label Buttons 18 (3×6 pages) 72 (6×12 pages) 96 (6×16 pages)
Ethernet Ports 2xGigE 2xGigE 2xGigE
IEEE Power-over-Ethernet 802.3af (3.4W typical) 802.3af (7.2W typical)* 802.3af (9.0W typical)*
Wideband Speakerphone Yes Yes Yes
USB Port 1xType A (100mA) 1xType A (500mA) 1xType A (500mA)
Bluetooth 4.1 Support Yes via USB BT dongle Yes (built-in) Yes (built-in)
Bluetooth Handset Support Yes (optional) Yes (standard)
Wired Analog Headset Support Yes Yes No
EHS Headset Support Yes Yes No*
USB Headset Support Yes Yes Yes
Integrated DECT Headset Yes Yes
DC Power Jack Yes Yes Yes
Detachable Keyboard Support Yes Yes No (on-screen keyboard)
Optional Wall Mount Support Yes Yes Yes
LCD PKM Support Yes (3 max) Yes (3 max) Yes (3 max)

REMINDER: Customers cannot mix different manufacturers’ phones at locations within their tenant. However, the Mitel 69XX phones can be paired with other Mitel 53xx series phones in the same tenant.


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