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OSWL Contact Center Services Extension Updates

OfficeSuite Contact Center Services now automatically support Mandatory and On Demand Extension Call Recording!


A new Call Recording enhancement is now available for OfficeSuite White Label Contact Center Services users, allowing you to control whether to have Mandatory Call Recording or On-Demand Call Recording on a per end user extension basis.

Mandatory Call Recording enables pre-selected phone numbers to be “recording eligible” in advance. Users with Mandatory Extension Call Recording can also simply dial “8” for outbound calls to be recorded as well. On-Demand Call Recording gives users the option to enable and disable recording at any time for both inbound and outbound calls with a push of a button. Transaction validation and confirmation are now easily accessible without listening through an entire call. With these two options available automatically, you, as the Tenant Administrator, can decide which extension gets which feature with no difference in price between the two.

If your end user is looking for customer retention strategies that support their continued success and revenue growth, Call Recording can play a powerful part!

How can Recorded Calls empower your end users’ business?

  • Leverage recorded calls to improve business processes
  • Create uniformity among employees
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Archive recordings for transaction validation
  • Employee training
  • Evaluate employees
  • Generate revenue by saving lost customers and lost upsell opportunities
  • Record individual and conference calls for future transcription purposes

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