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Introducing OfficeSuite UC® White Label CRM Connector

Introducing OfficeSuite UC® White Label CRM Connector


Want another reason to offer OfficeSuite UC® White Label to your end users? With the new OfficeSuite UC® White Label Connector, your end users will have complete call control from their computer through seamless integration into their Web-based CRMs. This OfficeSuite CRM Connector is compatible with any web-based application that contains a phone number or contact name in the URL and integrates with popular CRM applications such as ZOHO, NetSuite, Sugar CRM, Insightly and many others.

The connector simplifies call control, allowing end users to answer and make calls directly from their computer without ever needing to touch a phone – perfect for employees who frequently answer calls while working on their computer.

Furthermore, the following features help simplify workflows and maximize software investments:

  • Incoming Screen Pops – Employees get instant access to lead, contact and company search results for all incoming calls.
  • Click to Dial – No more misdials! Employees can click on a number to initiate a call right from their softphone or desk phone.
  • Hosted Services Portal Integration – Your end users can set presence status, chat with coworkers, check voicemail, launch an HD Meeting session and more within Gmail, Office365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

OfficeSuite UC White Label CRM Connector will work with the following CRM applications:

+ 1CRM
+ Accelo
+ Agile CRM
+ Apptivo
+ Box
+ Clio
+ Freshdesk
+ G Suite
+ Hubspot
+ Insightly
+ JobDiva
+ Less Annoying CRM
+ Microsoft Dynamics
+ Microsoft Office 365
+ NetSuite
+ New Source Medical
+ Nutshell
+ Oracle Sales Cloud
+ ProsperWorks
+ QQ Catalyst
+ Sugar CRM


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