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T1 pricing reminder

We wanted to provide a friendly reminder of the T1 pricing news we shared in early October, when we announced the refreshed pricing for our legacy (heritage EarthLink) Wholesale Local Access products, including voice T1s/PRIs and dynamic T1s (integrated voice and data).

Although the new pricing became effective in September 2018 for all new quotes, we honored and accepted orders from existing, outstanding quotes with the previous rates until November 30, 2018. After November 30, only orders with the new pricing will be accepted.

Please be assured your customers currently in service—as well as orders in progress—will not be impacted by this change.

Lastly, you may be aware that all LECs, including Verizon, recently raised DS1 loop rates across the board, based on the FCC’s Business Data Services Order. Do you currently have any DS1/T1 local loops, either in Verizon’s territory through another carrier or directly from Verizon? If so, we may be able to help reduce the impact of these cost increases.

Please contact your account team for details.


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