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New T1 Pricing in Legacy Earthlink Systems

Introducing Windstream’s SD-WAN Partner Certification Program


Windstream Enterprise Resale would like to make you aware that we have refreshed pricing for our legacy (heritage EarthLink) Wholesale Local Access products including Voice T1s/PRIs and Dynamic T1s (integrated voice & data). The new pricing is effective immediately for all new quotes. However, we will honor and accept orders from existing outstanding quotes with the previous rates until November 30, 2018. In addition, the WOL T1/PRI promotion rolled out last April has expired.

Please be assured that your customers currently in service, as well as orders in progress, will not be affected by this change.

These price adjustments are a direct result of changes in the industry that have affected our existing cost structure. If you have been following the industry news, you know that there is uncertainty regarding the availability and pricing of UNE T1s and as a result, we will only offer special access circuits on a go forward basis.

The benefits of ordering Special Access T1s include the ability to loop the smart jacks, faster mean time to repair and better SLAs. As a reminder, there will be no monthly loop cost differences based on density zones or mileage in the eight state Northeast footprint (more than 2,000 Central Offices).

The pricing file has already been loaded into MyLink as well as in MasterStream. Please contact your Resale Account Executive with questions or concerns regarding this pricing change.


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