Our size fits you

With power solutions, nationwide network expertise and dedicated support, Windstream Enterprise gives you the strength of a large provider and the agility of a smaller one.

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“There’s never been a better time to sell us.”

Curt Allen • SVP, Channel

A different and better company to do business with

Over the last year, we have invested heavily in our channel organization to make doing business with Windstream Enterprise simpler—and more profitable. We've made intentional choices (sometimes difficult) to come out ahead in the technological transformation that's rocked our industry. And we have emerged with the agility, expertise and solutions to lead.

Your Right to Win

We've aligned our solutions with cloud adoption, customer experience and security to ensure that Windstream Enterprise is uniquely positioned as the provider of strength. We call them Right to Win scenarios. They include:

  • Distributed retail, healthcare, banking and service enterprises investing in the customer experience
  • SD-WAN as a service, businesses in states of cloud adoption
  • UCaaS and CCaaS across all business sizes
  • On-net capacity to meet bandwidth demands

Sell WE.
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If you haven't sold Windstream Enterprise in a while—or at all—we want to make it worth your while. So we've introduced Partner Perks, a digital coupon exclusively designed to provide you with an extremely lucrative, one-time incentive for selling Windstream Enterprise. Just fill out and submit this short form.

This offer is only available to non-active selling partners or partners who do not currently have a Windstream Enterprise contract.

For a limited time we are offering a 5X SPIFF for partner who sell SD-WAN, OfficeSuite and DDoS.