Improve Efficiency + Productivity

The modern office is always in motion

Business leaders are rethinking traditional ideas surrounding productivity to enable workers to accomplish tasks when and where it’s best for them. Work-from-home solutions that were rapidly deployed and scaled over the last few years are beginning to sag under the weight of new requirements and the evolution of work practices.

Employees are 230% more engaged—and 85% more likely to stay beyond 3 years in their jobs—if they feel they have the technology that supports where they work and how they work.

– Harvard Business Review, February 2022

Common collaboration challenges in the workforce

Outdated business communications systems undermine innovation and growth and result in pesky missed calls, debilitating outages and poor virtual meeting quality. These legacy technologies are also ill-suited to address these five additional challenges:

Here, there, work happens everywhere

Employees are more dependent on unified communications than ever before, yet nearly half say they lack the technology tools needed to get work done efficiently.

Virtual collaboration demands security

The sudden increase in hybrid work has exposed gaps in endpoint security, bringing the viability of your existing infrastructure into question. What your teams need are reliable, enterprise-grade tools to ensure calls, chats and meetings are protected.

Old technology will wring you dry

Not only should you expect to receive a larger bill when leveraging obsolete access mediums, you will also lose out on the next-gen services that eliminate costly software updates and heavy upfront capital investments.

Employee and customer experiences suffer

Traditional voice technologies with limited features don’t live up to the demands of the digital workforce. What’s more, too little visibility into these tools results in inferior, and frustrating, digital experiences.

Communication disruption can stop work in its tracks

A disjointed communications workflow does more than inhibit productivity, it impacts business operations and hurts the company’s bottom line.

82% of decision makers believe that improving collaboration with trusted partners is a critical or high priority.

Refining business collaboration

The growth of cloud-enabled remote work and the globalization of enterprises will continue to shape the way we do business. That’s why leaders must continually reevaluate their collaboration strategy and technology stack to boost productivity, safeguard data and accelerate digital transformation.

Unified Communications

Empower your people to work together anytime, anywhere and take your CX to the next level.


Secure business critical applications to protect operations, customer data and your brand.


Make anytime collaboration real with reliable, always-on connectivity.

One partner to support infinite connections

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