Local Area Network (LAN) Services

Actionable business insights. Seamless network integration

LAN Services deliver business intelligence, enhanced security and improved end-user experiences.

LAN Services = integrated LAN/WAN for simplified network management

Our team of network pros will design, deploy and manage your LAN Services, freeing your IT team to spend less time managing and monitoring the network and more time on driving strategic initiatives.

Optimize application performance

Improve IT agility through flexible deployments

Strengthen security and business intelligence

“Windstream Enterprise provides Rotten Robbie with a highly integrated security solution that protects our data and our customers and helps us achieve PCI compliance.”

Manage your growing network with a suite of flexible solutions

Tailored to the unique needs of your industry—whether retail, healthcare or hospitality—LAN Services help you gather and analyze client data to make informed business decisions.

Secure WiFi & Analytics

Meet customer demands and empower employees with secure WiFi access while gaining deep visibility and business intelligence.

Cloud-Managed Switches

Connect all of your IoT devices and wireless access points with secure, reliable connections to your wide area network.

Intelligent IP Cameras

Protect your business and power customer engagement with tools that go beyond surveillance to deliver rich analytics.

Why LAN Services from Windstream Enterprise?

Gain business intelligence, enhance security and improve end-user experiences by seamlessly integrating LAN Services with SD-WAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and OfficeSuite UC® solutions. Rely on one managed services partner to deliver it all—backed by white glove support from our dedicated team of technology experts.