Windstream Enterprise Current Spiff Terms and Conditions


Upfront offer valid from December 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020. Paid out per calendar month. To qualify, all sales must be customer signed and submitted on or before COB on the final business day of the month. All qualifying sales must be on a 36-month term or longer. Special priced/ ICB deals and deals over $25,000 MRC will require SPIFF approval eligibility. The SPIFF payout for deals larger than $50,000 MRC will be split into two payments: 50% upfront and 50% paid on last site install. Only eligible product and product component MRC qualify for the SPIFF.

SD-WAN, OfficeSuite UC, Mitel UC, Avaya UC, DDoS and Fixed Wireless are defined as “strategic products” and the associated SPIFF defined as “strategic SPIFF”.

300% Strategic SPIFF: Applies to the MRCs associated with strategic products on new logo customers or new locations for existing customers on deals that contain at least one strategic solution.

Strategic Product Bundle Bonus: New logo customer or new locations for existing customer deals that contain two or more strategic products will qualify for an additional 100% SPIFF on strategic product MRC.

OfficeSuite UC: OfficeSuite UC must be sold with four seats or more at or above minimum per seat price. Deals priced below the OfficeSuite UC Pricing Matrix (contact your Channel Manager or Windstream Enterprise Channel Marketing for pricing) will be subject to review. On-site phone install charges that are reduced by 50% or 100% will reduce the SPIFF by 50 pts or 100 pts.

The following products and charges are exempt from any SPIFF payment: All underlying transport products (except as specified under strategic products), ASF or other taxes/surcharges/fees, CPE NRC, NRC’s and other Third-Party/Tertiary Services.

SPIFF can be used in conjunction with the Customer Free Month Loyalty offer.

Disputes: Partner must provide notice of dispute within 90 days of payment. Windstream Enterprise reserves the right to reclaim any upfront payment if qualifying criteria are not met or if termination of services occurs. Partner must provide notice of any missing SPIFF payments in writing 90 days after the promotional period ends. Upfront payments may be reclaimed if orders or services are not installed within 180 days of signature.

For Windstream Enterprise sold deals, upfront payment(s) will not be released until after the customer is assigned a Windstream Enterprise account number.