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Dynamic IP CPE Maintenance FAQ

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Dynamic IP CPE Maintenance FAQ

Your SIP credentials including IP/FQDN and Username/Password will be provided to you, closer to your selected date of maintenance.

Maintenance will take approximately 5-10 minutes depending on how fast you are able to update the configuration on your router/PBX/SBC and it needs to be done between 10pm and 1am ET on the scheduled date.

As technology evolves, telecom services can become outdated. Moving your services to a newer platform enables you the potential for advanced routing and self-service features, and access to an enhanced, user-friendly VoIP portal.

While the time for the migration to complete is limited (5-10 minutes), if your business relies on voice services 24/7, we encourage you to forward calls during the maintenance window. If you have voicemail from Windstream Enterprise, you can retrieve those saved messages up to 30 days after being migrated by dialing 585.363.6290 and entering your 10-digit mailbox number. Note your voicemail greeting and password will not be impacted.

To become better acquainted with the platform changes, please download the Admin or User Guide by logging in to WE Connect. Navigate to Services > VoIP > Resources.

Please contact us at [email protected] or 800.600.5050.