Guest Wi-Fi/Internet Support Discontinuance FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Windstream exiting the business of supporting hospitality Wi-Fi networks?

Windstream Enterprise’s focus has shifted away from premise-based solutions to cloud-based services. Consistent with that evolution, Windstream is making plans to exit the business of supporting hospitality Wi-Fi networks, including your UnoNet Stay-Connected network.

Q: What is required of me?

Hilton requires that you select a new provider via the Hilton Service Now UnoNet portal. This will ensure your hotel operations and guests continue to receive support for Wi-Fi/Internet services. Please notify us at WIN.Commercial.Maintenance@windstream.com when you’ve selected a new provider and when your turn-up date is planned for (please provide minimally 30-days’ notice). Once new support is in place, please notify Windstream and we will discontinue your Windstream billing.

Q: Where can I find my Hilton Wi-Fi network refresh date?

Go to the Hilton ServiceNow UnoNet Portal which will take you to the Global UnoNet Management Process Request form. Once you enter your hotel name, the form will automatically populate your hotel refresh due date.

Q: How do I find information on upgrading my Guest Wi-Fi network to the brand standard UnoNet?

Click on this link to go to the dedicated UnoNet Lobby page for Guest Facing Technologies, which provides a great short video on the process, a guide on submitting a ticket to request a quote from one or more of their approved vendors as well as a brochure that provides a quick overview of the process.

Q: What happens after my contract end date?

If your contract has expired in addition to the 18-month extended service term, your network will lose all Guest Wi-Fi support services. Your network equipment will still be operational, but network monitoring and remediation services will no longer be available.