Guest Wi-Fi/Internet Support Discontinuance FAQ

The following steps are necessary to ensure your hotel operations and guests have support for WiFi/Internet services.

Prospective providers will need to know the make-up of your HSIA network: the makes, models and quantities of equipment, the number of guestrooms, and the square footage of any meeting space covered by guest WiFi. If you don’t have this information, please email [email protected] and request an ‘As Built’ document. Prospective providers may also ask you what you are currently paying per month to support your HSIA network. Note, selecting an approved provider is covered in the next step.


To understand the process, click on this link and go to the dedicated UnoNet Lobby page for Guest Facing Technologies. This site provides a short video and brochure on the process, including a guide to submit a quote request from an approved vendor.

Select a new provider via the ServiceNow UnoNet Portal. Once you enter your hotel name, the form will automatically populate your hotel refresh due date. Please provide at least thirty (30) days’ prior notice to Windstream at [email protected] when you’ve selected a new provider, including the turn-up date planned. UnoNet’s current minimum installation timeframe is five (5) months. Once new support is in place, please notify Windstream to discontinue billing.

Renew your gateway license with Nomadix well in advance of your expiration date to ensure uninterrupted guest WiFi service. Installation of the license will require support from Nomadix. Without this renewal and installation, your guest WiFi network will cease to function when your current license expires.

Per the Hilton Master Hotel Services Agreement, Hilton has exercised on your behalf the Transition/Expiration Assistance option which provides an additional eighteen (18) months of network support from your contract end date while actively seeking a new provider. If your contract has already expired, the option commences from the date of the discontinuance notice. When your Windstream support expires, this will cause your WiFi solution to be outside of the Hilton Brand Standards and will cause your hotel to fail a Hilton QA audit.

Additionally, in the event your gateway or network equipment fails, you and your guests will be without assistance until you either upgrade your network or, if eligible, complete a network takeover with an approved StayConnected vendor.

If you have questions about the StayConnected WiFi program, please contact Tracy Miller at [email protected].