Solution scenario

Digital transformation for state courts

Operational transformation is in full swing for court systems across the country.

Technology adoption is accelerating to address challenges in productivity, security and access.

It’s a challenging environment, but one
in which we bring significant expertise.

Windstream Enterprise is helping court systems successfully identify and deploy solutions to their most pressing issues while helping them navigate technological, operational and budgetary constraints.


Courtroom WiFi

end-user experience

Processing and timely distribution

of video footage

Virtual meetings and remote proceedings

not supported reliably

Aging facilities

limited options for deployment of remote access points

Web access and connectivity speeds

did not meet expectations

Outdated network architecture resulted in poor performance of systems critical to the smooth and orderly operation of the court system.

Operations inside the building were sub-optimal and engagement with stakeholders outside of the building was difficult to support.

Result = A bad experience for all and delayed justice for the community.


Managed SD-WAN

architected to support civil and criminal courts


implemented for overall security and for CJIS compliance

Customized cable build

with heat mapping and installation of access points


It was a dramatic change for the agency with increased productivity and a better experience for justices, court employees, attorneys and their clients.

Consistent and effective support for virtual courtrooms made schedullng much simpler and reliable

Accelerated throughput from better utilization of available bandwidth via an enhanced WAN

Accelerated issue resolution via a single pane of glass management portal

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Windstream Enterprise is a trusted partner in the digital transformation journey of organizations nationwide, including state and local courts.

Together with our IT Managed Services, our award-winning suite of connectivity, collaboration and security solutions are designed to enhance performance, efficiency and security—all while keeping pace with evolving technology trends.