Announcing a New Invoice Format and Invoice Changes

This page will be updated as new information becomes available throughout the migration process

To better serve our customers, Windstream Enterprise is enhancing the format of our invoice. Once your account has been migrated to the new platform, you may notice some changes to your bill. As the result of the migration, please note the following:

  • This enhancement will be done in phases; all accounts or locations may not be impacted at the same time.
  • Some services will be arranged differently on the invoice and possibly listed in a different section of your invoice.
  • Descriptive labeling of some services may change, however, there are no changes to your service. There will be no change to these services or associated rates.
  • Some products and services which were not previously shown on your invoice may now be visible and reflect ‘Included’ in the Amount column. There will be no change to these services or associated rates.
  • Your account numbers will not change.
  • Remittance and any recurring payment structure will not change.

Impacts to Fees, Surcharges and Taxes:

  • Certain Fees, Surcharges and Taxes on your invoice may change.
  • Some service plans adjusted to align with Jurisdictional Traffic rules and subsequently moved to a different service classification could result in a tax change. For information regarding Jurisdictional Traffic Certification, visit the Q&A page.


Due to the invoice format change, you may see labeling of services change slightly and reflected in a different area of your bill.

No. Your account number will not change. Because of this, there will be no change regarding making payments to your account.

No. Your due date will not change.

No. You should not see any proration charges related to the new invoice format.

No changes will be made to your service or the Standard Agreement for Service Terms and Conditions.

Yes. Twelve months of payment and invoice history will be available within the WE Connect portal. The $10 charge to receive an invoice older than 12 months still applies.