What’s New at Windstream

We have been working tirelessly to integrate your account into our Windstream platform. At this time, we’re happy to announce a unified approach and best-in-class customer experience taking place March 7, 2019.

  • ONE best-in-class portfolio of services
  • ONE unified approach to do business with Windstream Enterprise through our Care & Service Assurance teams and our online customer portal
  • ONE set of contracts and quotes for future services

Portfolio of Services

Our commitment to you includes keeping a pulse on the marketplace, making it our business to predict and deliver the responsiveness and agility that digital transformation demands from your business. With this migration, we’re confident our unified service portfolio is both wide ranging and strategically targeted to provide innovative network, communications and collaboration solutions for your business.

In order to make a clean transition from the EarthLink environment into the Windstream systems, we plan to freeze our systems for a period of time prior to the migration in order to ensure that all data is moved with integrity. Should you need to submit an order for new services or make changes (like moving locations) to existing solutions, please make every effort to submit these prior to February 15 to ensure the most expeditious service for your request. If you need assistance with high priority orders, please reach out to your account management contact. Systems will be frozen between March 1-8 to preserve data integrity during the migration. We return to business as usual on March 11.

Unified Approach

Whether you are looking to pay a bill or get support, we now provide a consolidated approach to serve you through our Care & Service Assurance teams, and our online customer portal.

“WE Connect”, our best-in-breed customer management portal, is specifically designed to help customers run their business more efficiently. The new portal takes the best from our legacy customer portals and creates one powerful, easy-to-use tool to perform all the tasks available on the old portal and more! For example:

  • The ‘single pane of glass’ interface provides relevant and targeted information about all services in one place
  • Customers can access WE Connect from any device, anywhere and at any time to get their questions solved more quickly
  • Customers will have increased visibility to order statuses
  • Customers can get support through a number of avenues (real-time chat, a dedicated support line and the online Community (in the WE Connect FAQ section for SD-WAN and Office Suite UC® products)

You will notice a few changes on your new digital interface, whether you are using the mobile app or accessing the portal. Some features that existed in MyLink will be added to WEConnect in 2019, including:

  • Ticket Attachments
  • Toll Free Reporting detail
  • Launch a Billing Inquiry

With everything from customized dashboards to reporting and managing your networks and paying bills, WE Connect has something to offer everyone.

Contracts and Quotes

Contracts and quotes will appear and read differently for new services. As we take on the Windstream systems model, you can expect both uniformity and a quicker approach to serve you.

Billing Changes

Effective March 7, a billing systems consolidation will take place. With the consolidation, you’ll notice changes to your bill due to formatting and the standardization of data.

To learn more about the billing changes, such as a new account number, remit address and change to your due date, as well as changes to certain fees, surcharges and taxes, click here.

*The billing platform currently supporting customers with services that originated with Choice One will be migrated later in 2019.

Thank You for Your Business

It is our pleasure to be your provider and we thank you for your business.